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3D Periodic Table Desktopper
The New Periodic Table!

The Desktopper 3D Periodic Table of the elements is so cool!
Display on your desk. Use as a pencil / pen holder! Chemistry, elements.
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Display on your desk. Use as a pencil / pen holder! Chemistry, elements.

Middle School thru Adults

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Did you know that the 3D Periodic Table DeskTopperŪ
is the natural way of displaying the chemical elements?

The improved 3D periodic table eliminates the confusion and inconsistencies of the flat table. As you can see in the image on the left, it arranges the elements in order with successive elements touching. This keeps the accepted groups and families together. Three parts loop outwards from a middle area to form the 3D Periodic Table DeskTopperŪ.

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The narrowest and tallest section elements are the Groups 0, Ia, IIa, IIIb, IVb, Vb, and VIIIb. This forms a tube (at left, foreground), topped by a `crown' of Hydrogen. From the lower part of this branches a The longer loop shows groups IIIa, IVa, Va, VIa, VIIa, VIII, Ib, and IIb (left segment). The Rare Earths (right segment) forms the longest loop - the f-block. The successive element connections are achieved by the patented downward helix - including the Hydrogen 'crown'. Notice the superior position given to Hydrogen, suggesting its multiple relationships and recently upgraded importance.

Image of 3D Desktopper  
The most useful feature for teaching new students - aside from the motivation gained by the unique & attractive shape - is the unprecedented logic of integration of the Rare Earth and Transition elements (left segment), usually found in a remote location on standard charts.

Specifications of the 3D Periodic Table DeskTopperŪ

* The DeskTopperŪ is printed in full color on heavy card stock.

* Element data is printed in squares that are over three quarters of an inch by a half an inch and printed on colors based on the standard Sargent-Welch periodic table.

* The three segments are die cut for easy removal from the background and slots are pre-cut for the color coded tabs.

* Very complete instructions are provided.

* The DeskTopperŪ is four and three quarters inches at its highest point.

* It will fit within a 7" circle. The base plan drawing provided is developed in a triangular format with rounded corners to match the ends of the three loops.

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What the 3D Periodic Table DeskTopperŪ package looks like before you assemble it


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