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Advanced Deluxe Solar Energy
Educational Experiments Kit

Learn how to convert sunlight into electricity with the
Advanced Solar Energy Educational Experiments Kit
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Capture the Energy of the Sun and Generate Electricity

Age 13 and above

Note: This kit comes unassembled. The student builds the solar kit.











Interesting fact: The sun provides enough energy in one minute to supply the world's energy needs for one year.

Design A Solar Device For
Your Energy Science Fair Project!

Each solar cell kit comes with an instruction booklet that teaches about solar electricity and describes experiments that you can use for your science fair project.

You learn theory of solar cell construction, basic circuit concepts, and how to connect solar cells to achieve variations in voltage and current. Each experiment can be assembled in just a few minutes with the supplied tools.

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IMPORTANT:The solar cell kits, when combined together with the PicoTurbine Windmill kit, gives you a powerful hybrid (solar/wind) science fair project that will WOW! the judges. See package discounts by clicking on this link.

The Advanced Deluxe Solar Educational Experiments Kit teaches you how to convert sunlight into electricity.

Do a team project.
. Design a solar circuit.
. Create an electrical circuit.
. Learn how to increase voltage.
. Investigate how to increase current.
. Make a solar panel
. Use solar power as the source of energy for a battery charger,
  calculator, radio or 1.5V cassette player

The solar cell comes with 8 solar cells, buzzer, electric motor, light bulb, propeller, wire and hardware.

Included: The manual provides background information and teahes the concepts of solar electricity as well as illustrations and explanations of experiments. Information includes how to connect solar cells to achieve variations in voltage and current, basic circuit concepts, and theory of solar cell construction.

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You will receive with your purchase a free download to the SciFair eBook, a $21.95 value

Advanced Deluxe Solar Electricity Education Kit + Free SciFair eBook
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