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Astronomy is exciting and fun because it stretches our imagination
and has us look into the beyond.

Few subjects offer us so much versatility covering many areas such as History, Physics, Geology, Geography, Art, and much more.

So we know that you will have fun exploring the planet while doing your science fair projects for school.

image of earth science Project: WorkStation The Work Station is a collection of 78, rich media interactives, movies and animations cover oceanography, meteorology, geology, astronomy, and satellite remote sensing.

The program contains science investigations and astronomy experiments and projects that you can use for science fair projects. CD-ROM. Middle through High School grades.

With the Young Scientist Club Set 11 - Stars, Planets and Forces make a constellation box, design a telescope, get a star fact book so you can study the stars, create a solar system mobile, and more. Ages 9 - 12 image of Young Scientist Club Set 11 - Stars, Planets and Forces

image of Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Choose from 100s of telescopesTelescopes, from children beginner scopes to computeroized telescopes.

Earth-Ocean-Atmoshere-Space Explorer has fully interactive virtual labs such as the Rock & Mineral ID Lab that allows you to choose between 16 minerals on which to run a battery of tests, including hardness, streak, acid reaction, luster, magnetism, cleavage/fracture, color, luminescence, and specific gravity.

The software supplies all of the virtual equipment and provides a Mineral Data Sheet printout form to see the results of your testing. CD-ROM. For High School Students.

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