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Did you know that Biology Science Fair Projects
is a subcategory of Life Science...and you will find science projects and science kits on this page for both?

There are many life science - biology kits on the market. Not all will give you the means to do a science fair project. The following life science - biology kits have experiments that can help you to do a project for the science fair. Or you can make up your own with the supplies included in the kit.

Image of Classroom Microbiology Recombinant DNA Kit These kits are perfect for science fair projects. They are professional made by a microbiology lab.

You have a choice of examining water, surfaces, DNA, carbohydrate fermentation, or the effect of antibiotics.

These kits are perfect for classroom use. You have a choice of water, surfaces, DNA, carbohydrate fermentation, or the effect of antibiotics kit.
Image of Classroom Microbiology Recombinant DNA Kit
image of Fish School science fair projects
See how to teach your fish to do tricks for behavioral modification Fish Science Fair Projects.

For middle school thru college this kit can also be used for psychology / behavioral science by focusing in a behavorial modification strategies with your fish. Ages 8 and up.

Build your own living, bacteria-based battery that feeds on mud! Experiment with different types of dirt or stuff in your refrigerator. Track the growth of your MudWatt's power and bacteria population. Explorer mobile app!

Dig deep into the science with tons of lesson plans and other educational resources available for classrooms and science fairs!

Image of MudWatt Science Kit

image of student microscope
Choose 2 different variables, experiment and examine your results under the microscope. For example, did you ever wonder how long raw meat or cooked meat is safe to eat once put in the refrigerator?

Isolate DNA from a tomato in a test tube, analyze DNA evidence to identify suspects and solve a crime, breed bacteria to experiment with genetic engineering, and much more choices for your science fiar project. image of Genetics and DNA Experiment Kit

Image of physics science fair projects weekend sicence fair proejcts Easy, instantly downloadable
24-hour science fair projects for life and biology projects!
  • Undercover Sneeze  Grades K - 5
  • A Straight Flush     Grades 3 - 8
  • Easy, Instantly Downloadable Weekend Science Fair Projects!
    EGG-XPERIMENTING! Take the shell off an egg without boiling, and find out if water will go through the membrane.

    The reviews on these science fair projects are outstanding!
    "I love the 5 easy, 24 hour projects. Interesting, fun, and best of all, quick!"
    Susan Young, mother of a 2nd grader

    Schools do not allow you to experiment on animals for a science fair, but you can use this model to help explain your science fair project.
    Image of EDU-37307 Frog Dissection Kit

    Use this model of the brain to explain a neurology science fair project. The DVD that teaches you all about the brain.
    Image of EDU-SK010 Brain Box

    Image of EDU-41007 Human Body Torso Anatomical Model Excellent model for classroom use or teaching the kids if you are homeschooling.

    We have had dentists purchase this model for their office, parents to teach their kids how to brush their teeth, and students to use on display at the science fair.
    Image of P25207 Dental Model
    Image of EDU-41006 Human Body Torso Anatomical Model
    EDU-41006 Human Body Torso Anatomical Model - small Your kids will enjoy exploring the parts of the human body with this smaller torso model. Make for a great gift.

    Every child loves T-Rex, the king of the dinosaurs. This would make a great skeleton to learn from.
    Image of EDU-37329 T-Rex Skeleton

    Biology Science Fair Project Ideas

    1. Is Caffeine an Effective Pesticide Against Drosophila (fruit fly)?

    2. How do different surfaces affect the distance mealworms travel in 2 minutes?

    3. Do twins have identical or similar fingerprints?

    4. Can dogs detect cancerous tissue samples with their nose?

    5. 5. Do human cells have anything in common with the cells of a rose plant leaf?

    6. . Do you have any great ideas that you would like to add? If so email me and we will put it on the list.