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Chemistry Science Fair Projects

Did you know that chemistry science fair projects can
be created with chemistry science kits?
Microscopes, test tubes, chemicals.
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See the world under the micrscope or thru a test tube
to discover the world of chemistry!

The following Chemistry kits have experiments that can help you to do a project for the science fair. Or you can make up your own with the supplies included in the kit.

Image of Science in the Kitchen Kit With the Innovating Science in the Kitchen Kit you will have a hands-on learning experience and provide you with materials to perform the following experiments:

. do chemical tests to identify a cooking ingredient

. chromatography on commercial food colors

. examine the protein-digesting ability of a common meat tenderizing enzyme

. examine similarities and differences in materials used to clean (soap, hand dishwashing detergent, and machine dishwashing detergent)

. find vitamin C levels in soda or juice using titration (you purchase the soda and juice)

13 and older with adult supervision. Find out more by clicking on the link or image.

With the At Home Molecular Gastronomy Kit you will be able to use chemical and chemical transformations of ingredients to recreate ordinary dishes in extraordinary ones.

You will learn the science behind the techniques used by great chefs such as Ferran Adrià, José Andrés, and Wylie Dufresne.

You will be able to experiment with ingredients that only to professional chefs. Everything you need to make apple juice caviar, spherified yogurt, or raspberry foam is included in the kit. Explore edible experiments at home.

Science Fair Idea: Get a recipe that is similiar to one in the kit. Make both and see if the what you learned in the kit can make the one from the internet taste better. Invite your friends over and have a tasting party or ask your teacher if you can have the kids in your class tell the difference between the two recipes. What chemical changes did you make to improve upon the recipe? Did it really taste better?

Image of  At Home Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Image of  Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Sets Look at the wide selection of Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Sets.With the C Series sets you will receive an easy to follow manual that teaches the important concepts of chemistry, how to set up your workspace, follow lab safey and experiments.

All the Thames and Kosmos chemistry sets are safety tested, offer thorough safety precautions, include professional quality lab equipment and come with full color experiment maunuals.

See the 5 science fair projects that you can do with the EDU-8355 Super Chemi 120 Kitchen Science Kit. You will have lots of fun mixing and stirring in the kitchen, discovering what familiar chemicals make up your food.

Image of  EDU-8355 Super Chem Science Kit

Image of  EDU-7075 Home & Kitchen Chemistry 60 science kit Your will do 60 difference science experiments with the EDU-7075 Home & Kitchen Chemistry 60 science kit. Safety and fun with common household items. Ages 8 and up.

More Chemistry Science Stuff

Image of 3D Periodic Table

The 3D Periodic Table. Everything in nature appears in 3-D, so why not the Periodic Table? That is what Roy Alexander asked his teacher when he was in high school. As an adult he designed and patented the Alexander Arrangement of the Elements in 3D where the elements are contiguous and continuous. And there is a student's hand's-on edition for the classroom!

Image of 3D Natural Elements Periodic Table

Theo Gray's beautiful photos in the 3D Natural Elements Periodic Table show how the elements naturally exist on our planet. It stands 14” tall, and is assembled from 48” x 34” high quality printing in full brilliant color on die cut card stock.