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Energy Science Fair Projects

Energy science fair projects include wind, sun and alternative resources!
Excellent for grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, high school and college)
(Ages 8-12 with adult supervision)

Assemble and Experiment with a Unique Wind Turbine
experience the power of wind as a renewable energy resource.


I was most impressed that the project lends itself to be questioned and gives the kids a chance to create their own working designs and improvements. It is a great learning tool.   Mike (parent)

Vertical Wind Turbines Science Fair Projects Kits

image of Savonius Wind Turbine V4 Experiment's Kit
Horizontal Wind Turbine Experiments Kits

image of Sky-Z Plus Horizontal Wind Turbine Experiment Kit
STEM Renewable Energy Education in the Classroom

image of Group wind energy projects in the classroom
Solar Energy

image of Solar Energy Science Fair Projects

Hydro Power

image of Solar Hydrogen Education Kit
Alternative & Renewable Energy
image of Solar Hydrogen Education Kit
Accessories for Wind Turbine, Solar Kits & Accessory Learning Tools

image of wind energy education kits

What is the purpose of experimenting with a Wind Turbine?

  1. Bringing forth awareness of renewable energy.

  2. How to change wind energy into electrical energy.

  3. How to combine solar and wind energy to create a hybrid.

  4. To learn the 6-steps of the scientific method, which is how a powerful tool to learn in making decisions throughout our lifetime.

  5. To experience that when you change one minute detail, whether it be the shape of a blade or a word in a sentence, then everything changes around you.

Different Types of Wind Turbines
image of savonious windmill (VAWT), Modern HAWT, Giromill/Darrieus VAWT Windmill