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How to Write
A SciFair Project Background
Research Plan

Before starting your science fair project you need
to do project background research which
will help you to make a plan.
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Make a Map of Your Plan

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Overview - Background Research

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Nowadays, there is a huge amount of information available on any given subject. That is why you need a background research plan for your science fair project. The plan will give you a reliable roadmap to help you find your way from questions to answers without taking unnecessary detours.


Begin with keywords

Youíll find them in your project question, but you should also brainstorm for additional keywords and other concepts you want to explore. Then use who, how, what, why, etc. to help you transform your keywords into more specific research questions. Here are examples of how to search with keywords:
► Does the inner contents of a golf ball make a difference as to how far it will travel?
► Does the size of the dimples on a golf ball make a difference as to how accurrate you can putt?
► Does sun energy produce more power than wind energy?
► Does water freeze quicker if it is cold rather than hot in a home freezer?
► Is there more bacteria in a school water fountain' head than their is in a kitchen sink faucet?

Come up with as many questions as you can, then go back later to eliminate any that are not relevant to your project.

Here are some free keyword search resources for you, but before you register, if you are under the age of 18, check with your parents to see if it is OK to sign up for a free program:
Wordtracker Free Keywords Search
Bind Keyword Toolbox

Add any mathematical formulas, tables or equations that would help you describe your experiment and its results.

Look for similar experiments that others have done that may help you in designing your own experiments.

Donít be afraid to ask for advice from your parents and teachers. Their experience could help you define your project more clearly, refine your experiments, and give you a wider perspective on what you are trying to accomplish.

Download the Science Fair Projects Worksheets.

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