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image of  PicoTurbine Windmill Experiments Science Kit
The PicoTurbine Windmill Experiments Science Kit is perfect for home school projects because it comes with raw materials and experiments. Ages 10 thru High School have won 1st prize at their science fair with this kit.

Wind Energy is one of the key components in saving our planet. Let's bring our kids awareness to what it will take to save our planet's resources.

Click here to get free science energy science experiments and a special price for packages of 10.

We have had (so far) a couple of kids win our online science fair contest with this kit.

image of Science Fair Books: Learning Success Coach
Learn your child's learning style!
Testimonial: My child filled out the questionnaie and what a difference it made
in his learning when I applied the principles!
Marcia Schulman.


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