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Kids Science Fair Projects
Research Report

Step by step how to write a kids
science fair projects research report!
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Do you need help writing your science fair projects report
for the science fair? Well, you've come to the right place.

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Final Report - Overview

There are 3 steps to finishing your science fair report:

Step 1. What is the most efficient way to write your report?

  • Use your Timeline because it will give you an easy outline to follow. It shows you from beginning to end every step you took to complete your project investigation.
  • Your Science Fair Lab Notebook will fill in all the details, including your data expressed in words, charts and tables.
  • Follow the steps by printing this checklist. It will give you all the sections and information to include in your report.

Step 2:
This is where you write up your science report
with all the gory details!
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But you say, "I'm not good at writing". Or, "I can't stand to write papers."

Believe it or not, I use to freeze every time I had to look at a computer or paper to write even a sentence.

Here's one secret... Don't worry about it. Just write whatever you know... after all, you ran the investigation and was there every step of the way! After you write the report, go back and fix it up. And rememver to have someone edit your report... more on that later.

Another secret... if you are tired of struggling with writing and have a desire to write with ease, look at The Learning Success Institute.

Keep in mind that your report needs to include every minute detail of your investigation so that your experiment can be duplicated.

Step 3: Once your report is written it is time to write an abstract. What is an abstract? It is a brief, written discussion of your science fair project. See what sections to include and how to write one.

So, let's move on to writing your science fair project report...