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What are you looking for? We have just about every topic under the sun. Follow these links for free science fair project ideas and science fair kits!

Science Fair Ideas & Kits by Branches of Science
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image of easy to do at home biology labs Biology / Life Science
Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, growth, function, distribution, evolution, and taxonomy. Basically it is the study of plants and animals.
Biology Science Fair Kits
Animal Skeletons
3D Science Models for Kids & Schools
image of challenging chemistry science fair experiments Chemistry
Don't cause an explosion with all these chemistry science fair projects kit! Only kidding...
3D Periodic Tables
image of best earth science fair project experiments Earth Science
Look at the Earth Science Fair Projects Kits where you will be able to study geology, environment, pollution, geology, renewable and alternative energy and the weather.
image of electricity science fair projects Electricity is a branch of Physics
Many people do not realize that electricity is included in the physics science category. Here are electricity science fair experiments.

image of easy science project with electronics Electronics
Do you like putting together different pieces of equipment to make a machine that works? If so, then perhaps you will want to see what electronic scifair projects kits. Who knows... you make invent something new!
image of engineering science fair experiments and projects Engineering
Program a robot to do a robotics science fair projects or design a circuit.

Students like to learn about structure with the Engineering Science Kits.

image of microbiology science fair experiments Microbiology
Study the fascinating unseen world of microbiology by reading about the safe microbiology science fair kits.
image of experiments in physics for science fair Physics
I know you are going to be surprised when you see all the physics science fair projects because physical science permeates every field of science.
Robotics Science Fair Kits
image of alternative energy science fair experiments for kids Renewable Energy
It is important to learn about renewable energy and study environmental issues because we must participate in changing our habits so the earth will be habitable for future generations.

The sun is an unlimited resource so why not explore with solar energy and renewable solar energy science kits. Let's also look at experimenting with solar energy car vehicles as a new means of transportation.

Fuel cells and hydro power science fair projects will open your mind to more energy sources.

Wind energy is a controversial issue. Click on the link to get ideas for wind science fair projects that you can do.

image of DIY Science Fair Projects Create Your Own Science Fair Project (DIY)

Click here to get the DIY parts and supplies for your science fair project.

Student's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook will walk you through all the steps to do your own science fair project, make your display board, and write your abstract and report. Click on the link to learn more.

image of science fair experiment kits K-12 Science Fair Kits
Most of the science fair science Kits come with all the materials you need to create a project. This saves you time and money. Many come with ideas too.
image of science fair books Science Gifts
Why not give a gift that stimulates your child's mind because educational science gifts give you young scientists hours of exploration.Fair Books as a reference.
image of science fair books Science Fair Books
It is always an excellent idea to own one or more Science Fair Books as a reference.
image of school purchase orders Teacher's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook is written in Inquiry Based Lesson Plans format. You also get printables for both students and parents.

Here are STEM experimental kits for your classroom that are also used by universities for outreach programs and by community colleges for teaching students about the components of a wind turbine, electricity and microbiology.

We have teacher's science supplies, too.

Most of the student and research microscopes are at discount price.

Safe Microbiology Kits for the Classroom can be found here.

Project Display Boards. We have 1-ply, 2-ply, foam and monster boards; headers, title tags, prizes, awards, pins, bracelets, trophies, buttons, certificates, folders and ribbons.

Classroom Curriculum science kits

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