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Science Fair Projects
on Dance

Five Topics for Science Fair Projects on Dance


Tips for physics science experiments that explore dancing...

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Science fair projects on dance will give you new insights in to the sport of dancing. Dancing is a very physical activity that requires balance, muscle control and endurance. Below are five sample physics science experiments and other projects that you can complete. These projects will look at muscles, balance, mechanics and the health benefits of dancing.

The first topic that you can explore with science fair projects on dance is muscle tone. There are a lot of muscles that are used when you dance. In this example experiment you are going to explore the muscles that are used when you do specific dance moves. For this experiment you will need a volunteer and washable markers. Have your volunteer wear a pair of shorts and get into a dance position and hold that position. Use the marker to outline the muscles that have tightened up in response to the position. Take a picture, then have them relax. Take another picture. How did the muscle change when you were in the dance position?

The second topic that you can explore with dance science fair projects is balance. A person's balance depends on a lot of internal factors including strength and the health of the inner ear. In this sample experiment you will look have different factors affect a dancer's ability to balance. To complete this project you will manipulate the dancer's ability to see their surroundings, their ability to hear their surroundings and their body position. What impacts balance the most for dancers?

The third option that you have for science fair projects on dance is to look at the mechanics of dancing. For this example project you will want to explore the different body positions used for various types of dancing. Compare the mechanics of different types of dance styles to see what mechanics are the same and what mechanics are different.

If you are looking for dance ninth grade science fair projects then consider looking at the health benefits offered by dancing. The first project you can complete is to see how many calories are burned during a half hour of ballet and compare that to the number of calories burned during a half hour of hip hop dancing. Another project you can explore is how dancing develops overall health. Look at the cardiovascular benefits as well as the muscle tone developments.

The final dance science fair project is going to look at the psychology of dancing. Many professional dancers, especially ballet dancers, keep their bodies very slim and toned. However, sometimes the stress to remain ultra trim leads the dancers to develop eating disorders. In this project explore the relationship between professional stress to stay thin and the development of eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia.