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Science Fair Projects

Find Physics Science Fair Projects, experiments,
projects, forensic labs, and robot kits.
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Did you know that physics science kits help you
to design awesome physics science fair projects?

Image of Student's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook If you are in a quandary as to how to begin to do you science fair project or the steps to take to do your experiment, relax! The Student's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook will help you to come up with an original project if you want to. Whatever method you decide to get started, this book takes you through all the steps and every detail that you need to know.

Alternative Energy
Magnets / Magnetisim
Surface Tension

The Physics Science Fair Projects Kits and Lab that are listed on this page are
science kits for students from Primary Grades through College.

Global Warming / Environmental / Alternative Energy / Solar

Physics Science Fair Projects Wind Turbine Experiments Kit Wind Turbine Experiments Kit is the only kit of its kind: a complete, electricity-producing wind turbine you can build yourself. Then you can do great physics science fair projects and experience the power of wind. (requiring only common tools like scissors, a screw driver, pliers, and glue), and uses a cool bicolor LED to show the power produced. The LED flashes red and green in succession as PicoTurbine's alternating current pulses in different directions. Ages 10 and up.

Image of Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell 10 Car and Experiment Kit
In the Thames and Kosmos Fuel Cell 10 Car and Experiment Science Kit you will find 30 distinct experiments that give you fun, hands-on ways to discover fuel cells, one of the most significant technologies of the 21st Century.

Experiments include a car that uses solar power and a fuel cell to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. Discover the effects of direct and indirect radiation; electrolysis and its effect on water; qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas in a fuel cell; how efficient is electrolysis?; how does light influences electrolysis? Ages 10 and up.

image of EDU-8405 Solar Power Kit Make magnets dance, move cars "magically," and much more with the EDU-8405 Solar Power Kit. Do experiments with electroplating, color optics, Moire patterns, thermodynamics and stroboscopes. Ages 5 - 8.

For more alternative and renewable energy science fair project kits look here...

Magnets / Magnetism

image of Snaptricity Magnetism and Electricity Science Kit This Snaptricity set will give your young scientist a to experiment with magnetism and electricity.

Image of Sky-Z Wind Turbine Experimental Kit Horizontal Wind Turbine Experimental Kits gives you the opportunity to learn about wind turbines. You can also compare horizontal vs vertical wind turbines for a science fair project.

You will build your own magnetic induction generator. Like many physics kits, this turbine can also fit into the alternative and renewable energy categories of science.

Image of EDU8200 Physics Science Kit Physics is all around us and this kit, EDU8200 Physics Science Kit will introduce you to the mechanics of pressure, force, motion, magnetism, electricity, and motors, liquieds gases and heat, and sound.

Have fun with over 250 experiments. Ages 10 and up.


Surface Tension

Image of physics science fair projects weekend sicence fair projectsEasy, Instantly Downloadable Weekend Science Fair Projects!
    SLIP SLIDING? NO WAY! Use toy cars to find out which floor surface prevents slips most effectively.

    DON'T LOSE YOUR COOL. Foam, pink, spray-in, or rigid. Which type of insulation works best?

    The reviews on these science fair projects are outstanding!
    "I love the 5 easy, 24 hour projects. Interesting, fun, and best of all, quick!"
    Susan Young, mother of a 2nd grader


Physics Science Fair Projects: The 500-In-One Electronic Science Lab Perform and learn the fundamentals of electronic circuitry. See The different Electronics Lab for Students that are available, as you do over 500 experiments covering topics such as analog and digital circuitry and software design.

By entering programs on the keyboard, you will master programming skills from the most basic level. With step-by-step instruction manual. Safe - no soldering. Works off of batteries. 10 and up.

Physics Science Fair Projects: The 500-In-One Electronic Science Lab Build exiting projects while learning about electronics with Snap Circuits! All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease.


image of Mimsy Mini Robotics Lab

Choose from some robots and robotics kits where you will master programming skills from the most basic to advance levels. With step-by-step instruction manual. Ages 10 and up.


image of Solar Electricity Lab

You get 9 step-by-step Labs with the Solar Electricity Labs.Excellent for individual students, homeschooling and classroom learning.

image of Solar Electricity Lab

Circuit 101 gives you basic understanding of circuitry - includes 8 comprehesive lessons.

Physics is a huge category. It is the science of matter and energy and their interactions.
Physics includes electricity, electronics, hydrogen fuel, magnetism, solar cells, rocketry, fiber optics and robotics!

Because physics covers so many subjects and affects just about all corners of our lives, we have divided the physics science fair projects categories into different pages. Each science kit has experiments that can help you to do a project for the science fair. Or you can make up your own physcis science fair projects with the supplies included in the kit.

Physics Science Fair Project Ideas

  1. If you use invisible ink does a message appear equally well on all types of paper? Does it matter what type of invisible ink you use?

  2. Which surface has the most friction?

  3. Which will become ice faster, hot or cold water?

  4. Determine if the temperature of a liquid affects its viscosity.

  5. Demonstrate with a compass current production by a cell exposed to light.