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The items below are highly recommended by the manufacturer for science fair projects.

Image of OWI 535 Robotic Arm Edge Image of OWI 9875 Binary Player Robot

More affordable than the OWI's Robotic Arm Trainer without compromising quality. Command the gripper to open and close, elbow range of arm is 300 degrees.
Ages 10 and Up.

Be the controller of your own robot by easily reprogramming and ascertain its predictability!

image of Bioloid Beginner Kit Image of Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Educational Kit (with USB adapter and cable) #28132

Whether you attend a public or private school, are home schooled or an instructor, the bioloid is an educational instruction kit designed to help students and adults learn about robotics. Like all robotic science fair projects, the experiments that you can do are in the programming. Ages 12 and up.

This beginner kit can be used by individuals, groups or classroom instruction. Learn basic robotics with this kit and do an awesome science fair project. Ages 12 and up.