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Detective ThinkMore's Wisdom Corner

Every idea begins with your attitude and thoughts. What you believe will happen, will happen.

So... before you conceive of what you want to do for a project, let's read a story. It is a metaphor. What is a metaphor? It is where you take one idea and use it for another idea.

Let's say you are going on a vacation to Disneyland. Does your enjoyment come only after you arrive? Not by any means. Your joy comes the moment you and your family decide to take the trip. As you look at the descriptive brochures you feel a thrill of anticipation even before the journey starts. Then you begin to visualize yourself participating in all the fun-filled activities.

Are you starting to get excited?
Let's read on. . .

Does the enjoyment end when your vacation is over? Not a bit. You'll have the pleasure of telling your friends of your experience, looking at the pictures you took, and reminiscing about all the fun you had.

Can you imagine the feeling of accomplishment once you see
your project come alive in photographs after the fair?

The same is true for the adventure of coming up with a Science Fair Idea. The moment you say, "I am going to think of an outstanding science fair idea," you have already begun your successful journey.

Here is a little understood fact. You are a success the moment you start on the road to success. You gain happiness after taking the first step towards success.

Therefore, you do not have to wait until you determine which Science Fair Idea you are going to dream up, nor for the project to be completed before you are a success. You can be a success right now!

IF you BELIEVE this is true, it will be true.

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