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Image of Science Fair Kits - EDU7074 Weather Station Science Kit Image of Science Fair Science Kits - EDU3020 Lemon Clock Science Kit
Do 30 fascinating climate and weather experiments. Build your own barometer, rain guage, weather vane and hydrometer, then experiment! Ages 8 & up. Make your own digital clock and experiment with nature's electricity. Ages 8 & up.

Image of EDU7080 Detectolab Science Kit image of EDU7075 Chemistry 60 Science Kit
Over 65 experiments will lead your thru the steps of investigation all the way to solving the crime. Outstanding ideas for science fair projects on this page. Ages 8 and up. EDU7075 Chemistry 60 Science Kit 60 experiments will lead your thru the steps of investigation. You will do experiments that have chemical reactions, find out and experiment with chromatography, grow crystals, have fun with surface tension and must more.

Image of Science Fair Science Kits - EDU8200 Physics Energy Science Kit image of EDU-8405 solar power kit by Tree of Knowledge
Have not fear! 250 captivating experiments introduces you to physics. Experiment with liquids, gases, magnetisms, motors, force, pressure and much more. Ages 10 & up. 150 challenging experiments. Build a Solar electric crane, solar furnace, solar energy mobiles, electric thermometer and more... Test for acid rain and much more.

Perform unique experiments with Moire patterns, stroboscopes and thermodynamics for example. Ages 10 & up.

Image of EDU8350 Super Chem Science Kit image of EDU8355 Super Chem 120 Science Kit
100 fun, chemistry kitchen experiments including a balloon trick, cleaning old coins, volcano, making soap buble soltuion and much more. Ages 8 & up. 120 experiments with kitchen chemistry. Make soap bubbles, create secret writing, propelle a motor boat, make ice cream, yogurt, cookies and more. Observe the way plants react to chemicals and light. Ages 8 & up.

Image of EDU2018 Electricity Science Kit (Go Electric) image of EDU7050 Dynamics Science Kit
Introduction to electricity and electrical circuits. Do experiments with switches, resistors, voltage and more. Ages 8 & up. Do over 45 physicis experiments. Make a hydrometer and explore the principles of gravity, frictions, surface tension. And more experiments. Ages 8 & up.