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Science Fair Supplies

One Stop for all the science fair supplies you may need.
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Time to make a science fair supplies list. Sit down with one of your parents, inform him / her of your science project topic, and set a realistic budget. What is a realistic budget? That is an individual, family decision.

Each section below will lead you to more supplies.

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Biology Science Fair Projects
& Ideas / Life Science
Would you like to do a science project and learn about DNA or discover whodunit with a forensic lab?

See the selection of anatomy / physiology models.

Chemistry Science Fair Projects
& Ideas
Do you want your own home chemistry lab or microscope to study cells and tissues? Or would you like to actually precipitate DNA and lift it right out of the test tube!

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image of science fair display boards

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Earth Science Fair Projects
Geology & Project Ideas

Would you like to build and experiment with your own weather station, study the formation of crystals? Would you like to solar energy experiments? We also have rocks fossils and geology tools

Project Display Boards, Headers, Awards & Supplies

For Schools, Outreach Programs, and Individuals who want monster boards.

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We have thousands of products for all your laboratory needs. Here is a list of what we have: petri dishes and agar, graduated cylinders and beakers, burettes, loops and swabs, test tubes, pipettes / droppers, and much more...
Electronics, magnets, robotics, rockets, motors & machines, optics, sound, electricity, heat, lenses, mirrors, prisms, electricity, and solar energy supplies.

image of Student's Super Science Fair Projects eBook image of science fair kits

Has all the detailed steps of what you need to do to produce an excellent science fair project.

Here you can find outstanding science fair kits that you can use to design your own experiments. Many come with projects.

image of Teacher's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook image of Electricity Science Fair Kits

Inquiry based lesson plans, printables for students and parents, plus much, much more...

Experiment with circuitry.

image of Teacher's Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook image of Energy Science Fair Kits

Experiment with magnets, wind, circuits and more...

Solar, Wind or Hydro...

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Cars, Hybrid Wind & Solar, Solar kits, Solar Panels, Electricity & Solar Labs, Sun Tracker Energy Labs