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Do you know why science magazines
are great resources for your Science Fair Project?

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You are probably wondering, "Why Science Magazines?"
Do you remember we discussed the importance of using original research for your science fair projects? At the end of the science articles the author lists where s/he found his / her information. Many times the sources refer to original research. You will also find original research referenced within the articles.

If you are a student who has not studied statistics, it is may be a challenge to interpret the data. BUT, the reporter of the magazine article puts the information into language that you will be able understand. Then the data will be easier to understand.

Find a magazine about science that interests you. When you receieve a monthly subscription you save more than half of the cost and are able to keep abreast of the lastest news in the field that you enjoy learning about.

image of air and space science-magazine
Air & Space
Here's the scoop on all the latest developments in air and space technology and news.
image of american archeology magazine
American Archeology
Devoted to covering archaeology in the Americas. Provides information on the latest discoveries, current research, and other news.
image of american scientist magazine
American Scientist
Filled with feature articles written by prominent scientists and engineers, reviewing important work in fields that range from molecular biology to computer engineering.
image of audubon magazine
National and international environmental and conservation issues. You'll read about the latest research and discoveries concerning endangered species, natural history, and humanity's relationship with the world.
bbc wildlife science magazine BBC Wildlife
>BBC Wildlife is a monthly magazine with informative writing and world-class photography. It publishes the latest discoveries, views and news on wildlife, conservation and environmental issues.
Click magazine Click
Click gives your child an opportunity for kids 3 to 7 to discover the wonders of science. Click is about the environment, nature and the sciences. Click is written so that your child will love learning about the world around him / her.
image of dig science magazine Dig
Dig is packed with mummies, pyramids, new discoveries about ancient civilizations, and more. Dig gives kids ages 9 to above (grades 4 and up) the latest scoop on archaeology around the world and explains how ancient ideas shape our world today.
image of discover magazine Discover
Science rules the headlines these days, with new developments each week in genetics, astrophysics, computers, and medicine, and Discover is a great way to get a broad spectrum of science news. Designed for the general reader, Discover translates and interprets many of the same stories professionals peruse in Scientific American.
image of E-Environmental Magazine - practical things you can do E - The Environmental Magazine gives you environmental news informs you what you can do to help bring about changes in the environment with tips and how-to advice on how to live responsibly.

To heighten your high school kids awareness of what is happening in their lives, look at the environmental pollution science fair projects. By building this simple device your children will be able to easily monitor the atmosphere's health that is right over their heads!

image of fun for kidz-magazine
Fun for Kidz
Crafts, drawing lessons, building projects, science experiments, math puzzlers, contests, and much more!
image of international science and engineering fair magazine Abstracts 40th International Science and Engineering Fair Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Paperback)
Includes the abstracts of the finalists at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). If you are a serious participant in science fairs, this is one of the best science magazines because you will learn how to write an effective abstract and get outstanding ideas for winning science fair projects.
image of kids discover magazine
Kids Discover
Thematic issues, puzzles and recommended reading lists for children ages seven to 13; pyramids, volcanoes, oceans, television, bubbles, earthquakes, food, Columbus, trains, weather, space, deserts, The Maya, glass, rain forests, The Roman Empire. Ages 6-12
Ladybug magazineLadybug
Ladybug Magazine contain stories that will keep your 3 - 6 year old child's attention while it tells a complete tale. The topics are written and designed to promote conversations that the whole family can participate.

There are also fun poems that are illustrated: animals, kids, insects, imaginary creatures and more. Your children will have fun memorizing a few stansa, if s/he wants to.

What is the most important factor is that your child can participating reading with you because of the large print and and easy words. This is a good way to learn their site words, one at a time. The pictures give to help helping yoru child learn to read, if s/he is ready.

image of national geographic magazine
National Geographic
Your source for information about the world and its people, dealing with the changing universe and man's involvement in it.
image of national geographic for kids magazine
National Geographic for Kids
A colorful monthly magazine created especially for curious kids. Novelty and hands-on learning make a winning combination that has captivated World's nearly one million readers for more than 20 years. World's features encourage its readers to protect the planet's resources and to learn more about geography, adventure, wildlife, science, and youngsters of special distinction from around the world.
image of national wildlife magazine
National Wildlife
Designed to inspire individuals to conserve and protect wildlife and the environment. Interesting facts, research news, and conservation status.
image of natural history magazine
Natural History
A broad look at ecosystems, animals, and human society, delving into the past and scanning the future of the environment, geography, and geology.



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