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Do you need help in finding science project ideas for your science fair project? If so, then you have come to the right place.

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Hi! I'm Detective ThinkMore. Do you remember meeting a couple of days ago at the I have written a special steps for you to take to help you to come up with an extraordinary science fair project that will hold your interest while you are having fun doing your research and experiments.

    Step 1: Did you know that before you choose a topic for your science fair project, you must choose a category? Look at the School Science Projects Category Outline and see what science category grabs your attention. Which one immediately calls out to you and says, "WOW!!! I can think of a couple of science project ideas that would interest me about ....."

    Step 2. OK, so maybe you said to yourself, "Gee, I don't know." Well, don't worry, that is what I am here. Remember, I am your sidekick... together we will discover the answer to all the steps of doing a fantastic science fair project. Let's start Step 2, where I know you will find a really good science fair project that is just right for you.... WAIT. Did I say good? No, I mean awesome, amazing, fantastic!!!!

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So... if you've never done a science fair project before, it has been a while, or you just want to be sure you do a really great job, start at the beginning - Super Science Fair Projects - so that you won't miss any of my Top Secret Files. They give tips on what makes a great science fair project. This way you will know ahead of time what will be expected of you.