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Science Fair Lab Notebook

Overview on how to keep a science fair lab notebook.
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How to Keep a Science Projects Log for the Science Fair

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Overview - Notebook

So, here we go... it's time to begin your
science fair adventure! All great sleuths have a buddy. . .
Sherlock Holmes has Dr. Watson.
Nancy Drew has Bess and George.
Joe and Frank Hardy have each other.

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Who will YOU have as your
secret private-eye sidekick?

Well, me of course, Detective ThinkMore!
Together, we will do the legwork, uncover clues, and solve the mystery of science fairs.

Be sure to watch for my super-science-fair-projects Image of Science Projects Secret Files

Every detective has a special notebook. For your investigation, you will need a NEW spiral notebook in which you will take notes as you investigate among many science fair projects, choose your project as well as track your thoughts, feelings questions, research and experiments.

Image of Science Fair Lab Notebook Let's call this your SCIENCE FAIR LAB NOTEBOOK. Everything you do for your project will be kept in your Notebook.

Keep it as neat as possible. You will use the information in your notebook to write your report. It will also be handed in to your teacher and be on display at your school's science fair along with your science project.

Suggest you get one with at last one inside pocket like the notebook on the left.

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What outcomes did you accomplish today?
1. Did you read everything in this section of the website about how to keep your Science Fair Lab Notebook?
2. Did you purchase a your notebook?