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Sky-Z Sky-Z Hydro Turbine Experiment Kit

Experiment with the Sky-Z hydro turbine experiment kit.
For classroom use or a science fair project.

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Ages 12 and up.

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Sky-Z Hydro Turbine Experiment Kit + Best Kept Secrets of How to Win A Science Fair Contest eBook.
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Note: Kit comes unassembled.

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Excellent for Science Fair Projects &

Power the SKY-Z Hydro using the following methods
• The custom designed paddles are included in the kit.
• Your own 3D Printed designed paddles that can connect to the stem adaptor
    (we will provide a few STL files on our site to work with)
• Using the 7.5in .25in (6.35mm) dowels provided in this kit to increase the radius
  • Both the stem that connects to the Hub and Paddles have the ability to connect to any .25in (6.35mm) dowel
  • Cut or order custom sized .25in(6.35mm) dowels for further experimentation

Included in the Kit

  • Turbine base
  • Turbine small & large tower
  • Nacelle Base
  • Nacelle front 
  • 2X 6 blade hubs
  • 6X stem adaptors for blade design
    • We provide 6 X 7.5 inch .25(6.35mm) dowels to change the diameter & radius 
    • More dowels can be found in our DIY section of our website
    • If you would like custom sized .25in(6.35mm) dowels please inquire.
  • 6X Paddles 
  • DC motor Shaft
  • DC motor Stand and clip
  • DC motor (you can always change this variable)
    • Max efficiency at 2700RPM's
    • Power: Up to 1.2W
  • Nose cone
  • Alligator clips

Not included in the kit but suggested:

  • multimeter
  • .5 liter, 1 liter, and 1 gallon recycled water containers
  • 20in long x 15in wide x 8 high plastic storage container or large lab sink (for testing power)


Have fun experimenting with wind turbines!