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Alternative Renewable Energy Will Save Our Planet's Natural Resources
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Solar Cars image of AK 590 Photon Solar Racer Kit
Solar Cars & Vehicles Experiment Kits

3rd grade thru High School
Wind Turbines
image of Solar Hybird PicoTurbine Windmill & DC Experiments Kit and Intermediate Solar kit
Solar Power
Image of EDU-8405 Solar Power Tree of Knowledge kit

image of Solar Lab 1.0 image of 6 Watt Solar Panel use for experiments image of Renewable Energy, Hydrogen & Solar Science Fair Kits

image of Intermediate Deluxe Solar Kit
Intermediate Deluxe Solar Kit

Combine with a wind turbine to do hybrid experiments
Ages: 8 - 12

image of Advanced Deluxe Solar Educational Experiments Kit
Advanced Deluxe Solar Educational Experiments Kit

Can combine with wind turbine to do hybrid experiments. Ages 13 thru College

Background Information....

Definition: Renewable energy (sources) or RES get their energy from natural flows of energy (on-going natural processes), such as flowing water (hydroelectric), sunshine, wind, biological processes and geothermal heat flows.

Most renewable forms of energy, other than tidal power and geothermal, come from the Sun. Some forms are stored solar energy such as wind power and rainfall which are considered short-term solar-energy storage; the energy in biomass is accumulated over a period of months, as in straw, or through many years as in wood.

Capturing renewable energy by plants, animals and humans does not permanently deplete the resource.

Fossil fuels, while theoretically renewable over a period of time, are exploited at rates that may deplete these resources in the near future.

Renewable energy is cost effective compared to nuclear energy and fossil fuels, both financially and environmentally.

Presently the cost per watt is about $4 to $5 and projected to be about $1 by the year 2015.

Hydroelectric and Wind "Farms" have already proven to be commercially successful.