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Bleach & Mold Science Fair Projects

Find out if bleach and molds science fair projects are safe or toxic...

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Q: What concentration of bleach is use to kill mold?

A: This site is all about teaching you how to find the answers yourself. So lets begin there: In the google search window input the keywords, “concentration of bleach to kill molds” and whala – tons of answers.

From my search I found out that 10% of bleach to 90% water is the standard answer.

Now what comes to mind is how safe is it to use bleach? Bleach is toxic. And when exposed to molds, molds break the immune system down. Based on this information I would choose another projects.

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image of MadelineI know when its science fair time because e-ons of emails arrive every day from parents, students and teachers:

Will you send me a science fair project?

What is a good science fair project that my daughter can do for her 7th grade science fair?

Do you have easy science fair projects on your site?

Do you know where I can find ….

Well, now we have created a Forum for you to share your science fair experience, ask questions and get answers from each other. This is a blog for students, parents and teachers… a place for you to help each other.

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We are so excited to have the first science fair projects site for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and students where you can share your ideas, projects and experiments with each other worldwide. This is truly a forum where an interested community can seek answers to their questions.

We all run into stumbling blocks when we are working on a project. I am sure that other people have the same experience, it is just that we are at home, alone, we think that we are the only one who struggles, hit roadblocks, and just don’t know where to go. Well, now you have a place to ask your questions without hesitation.

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