Step-by-Step Teacher's Science
Fair Projects Guide eBook

The Step-by-Step Teacher's Science Fair Projects Guide makes it
easy for you to teach all the steps of the scientific method.

Middle School and Up.

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Here’s the brand new eBook that unravels the mystery and spells out all the steps that can make any science fair project a huge success!

“Yes, you can coach your students to create amazing science fair projects …without stress, without tears, and with full cooperation from your students and their parents
…even if you’ve never been involved in a science fair project before!

Q. How do you eat an elephant?
A. Bite by bite!

Testimonial: "Finally, a book that makes it so easy for me to teach my students everything they need to know about how to do a science fair project. What I love about The Teacher's Guide to Science Fair Projects is that it gives me the words to help the kids go through a process of discovery, which is exactly what doing a science fair project is all about.

What an excellent resource -- very well put together and easy to download. The eBook gives me the ability to access it from my classroom as well.

Your book is definitely a valuable. I will strongly recommend it to my fellow colleagues. Please feel free to use any portion of this e-mail as a testimonial on your website." — Missy (Middle School Science Teacher, New York, (USA)

Image of madelineDear Colleague:

During my years as a teacher, I experienced first-hand the challenges and rewards of undertaking science fair projects. The rewards are undeniable — A student in the midst of scientific inquiry is actually a scientist in training. The scientific method — posing questions, designing experiments, analyzing results — is also an excellent tool for developing critical thinking skills that kids can apply throughout their lives.

Image of Science Teacher's GuideAnd let’s not forget how much they can benefit from the experience of working in teams. Now get the parents involved—as supporters and cheerleaders, not participants ! — and you have a winning combination for learning and growing.

But the challenges are also undeniable — Any science fair project worth undertaking requires a sustained 10-13 week effort and involves dozens of details. (I often say it’s a little like trying to eat an elephant!) How do you manage it along with all the other curriculum requirements? How do you keep your students’ interest over the long run? In fact, how do you get them interested in the first place?

In struggling with those challenges, I searched for advice in books and newsletters, but I found very little in the way of strategies and techniques that I could put to actual use in the classroom. That is why I decided to write the Teachers Guide to Science Fair Projects. Here for the first time is a complete package of hands-on and step-by-step information — everything you need to teach students, communicate with parents, and run a science fair, whether it’s in a classroom, school gymnasium or school library… or a big district-wide event!

The 377 page Teachers Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook is built around 32 complete inquiry-based investigatory lesson plans that have your students thinking like scientists — including how to

  • develop a winning strategy
  • keep a science log
  • stay on track with a unique timeline
  • implement the scientific method
  • discover a category of science, topic to find the right project
  • do project research
  • write a hypothesis
  • design an experiment
  • interpret data and draw conclusions
  • write a project report
  • make a display board
  • do a classroom presentation

  • Plus
  • What to bring and do at the science fair
  • Learn how Judges think

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    image of homeschool parentGreat teaching supplement for homeschool teachers! As a homeschool teacher one of my goals is to help my child develop a positive self-image.

    This supplement provides fantastic tips for infusing science fair project lessons with self-esteem and character building exercises.

    This product is well worth the investment!

    Robbi Erickson
    Homeschool Teacher/Parent of Special Needs Child
    Montana, U.S.

    Each lesson plan gives you, the teacher . . .

    objectives       vocabulary words
    list of materials    The Scientific Method    step-by-step procedure which engages the students in inquiry-based learning activities      questions that guide students to implement what they learned into their science fair project      homework assignments     communication printables to parents

    In addition, the Teachers Guide to Science Fair Projects contains:

      Convenient printables — worksheets and guidelines ready to be copied and handed out so you do not have to spend time developing them

      A package of printable materials for parents — so that they become allies and helpers

      A guide for setting up a science fair in your school

      More than 201 project ideas written by teachers

    To make your Science Fair “library” even more complete, you’ll receive these Free Bonuses worth $67:

      The Student's Guide to Science Fair Project eBook written specifically for students — teaches them how to do a science fair project step by step

      Building Student's Confidence eBook that gives you 5 minute daily exercises to help your students complete a long and complex project

    We know that science fairs help to build a student’s confidence and self-esteem. The lessons and processes in the Teachers Guide to Science Fair Projects will also

    1. improve reading comprehension and writing and increase vocabularies (students have to conduct background research and write a project research paper)
    2. expand math skills (students have to analyze data and create graphs)
    3. teach students how to manage their time more effectively (with my unique timeline and process)
    4. give them an understanding of science history that meets the National Science Education Standards

    This teacher’s guide is excellent! As a science teacher I am always on the lookout for new lesson plans that I can add to my curriculum. This ebook breaks down the process of completing a science fair project into easy to follow and logical modules. I highly recommend this book to homeschool and public school teachers.

    Susan G, High School Science Teacher, IL U.S.

    Teacher's Guide to
    Science Fair Projects
    Building Your Student's Confidence
    Student's Guide to Science Fair Projects
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