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Winning Science Fair Projects

A Winning Science Fair Projects Web Site
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Winning Science Fair Projects
A Winning Science Fair Projects Web Site

Winning Science Fair Projects / Author

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Passion Makes the Impossible Possible
-- John C Maxwell

Hi! I'm Madeline. My passion to be a teacher began when I was four years old. I was singing to my new baby brother who was sleeping in his bassinet as music was playing on the record player. At that moment I made the decision to become a teacher.

And that event lead to my mission, to contribute to the greatness of each child.

Now, as a parent, grandparent, former diagnostic and gifted reading teacher, and psychotherapist, in support of that mission, much care, thought and research has been given to every item and piece of information that is recommended on this site.

To build this winning science fair projects site is a team effort. I invite you to continue reading and meet the team that bring my dreams into reality.

Madeline is listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who of American Women, and Who's Who in the Midwest.

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Winning Science Fair Projects / Contact Person in India

Vivek JoshiI would like to introduce you to Capt. Vivek Joshi, an airline pilot, who I met Vivek via email when he mentored a very bright, young child, Chinmay, through the process of doing a science fair project... and she won our science fair contest. He has volunteered to help other children in India as well as work with the schools to foster the love of learning in science.

Contact email information: bahhub(at)
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"In india there is a lot of talent that is unattended because of a lack of information. I want to tap all that and bring this talent out of box...its purely charity work because I remember that I suffered a lot in my childhood just becasue of lack of information. I dont want others too suffer the same....this is the only objective...."