Safe Wireless
Science Fair Projects!

Experiment with wireless science fair projects
with the Elenco SC-750R Snap Circuits and computer interface!

The Ultimate Snap Circuit SC-750 Model Educational Kit Series
Student Training Model

(Ages 8 and Up. No tools needed. Soldering Not Required)

Perfect for HomeSchooling
Middle Schools & High Schools Too!

image of Snap Circuits Extreme for the Ultimate Experience with 750 Experiments!

add_to_cart.gifSnap Circuits Student Training Model SC750R + Best Kept Secrets of How to Win A Science Fair Contest eBook.
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Includes all components from the SC-100R, SC-300R & SC-500R kits. Requires 4-AA batteries.

add_to_cart.gif Snap Circuits Student Training Model SC750R with AC-Adapter (eliminates use of batteries) + FREE - Building Your Students' Confidence: Easy & Quick Classroom Activities eBook.
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This is a kit, you will receive parts to build the item pictured.
Ships only to U.S. and Canada.

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Using the Computer Interface Adapter
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750 Safe, Easy Experiments and Projects
including 73 experiments with the computer interface
Snap Circuits SC-750R Wireless Science Fair Projects Kit
And you can create your own experiments with this kit.

The Elenco Snap Circuis are perfect for doing wireless science fair projects and it gives you the opportunity to safely experiment with electronics and electricity. Learn about and experiment with electromagnetism, magnetism, magnetic fields, electromagnetic oscillators, motors, sun power with solar cells, solar cell circuits. Experiment with a vibration switch, make an electronic magnet.

With The Snap Ciruits Computer Interface comes with a software CD program for PC use, called Winscope, and a PC interface cable. It is a specialized test equipment just like electronics engineers use to "see electrical signals. You will be able to measure and experiment with signals.


~ Over 80 parts including solar cell, electromagnet, vibration switch and computer interface.

~ 3-Student's Guides - Written with a team of educators, and covers the essential information about electricity and electronics that is being taught in middle schools and above. Includes real world applications and problem solving quizzes. 138 pages of educational curriculum.

~ 5-Student Project Books With Experiments - in full color, clear images and easy, step-by-step directions.

~ 1-Teachers Guide - helps you to teach electronics with Snap Circuits. It guides you through each chapter. The quizzes are fun to do with the whole class partipating and helping each other.

~ Custom Storage Case - lightweight and durable, this case has custom foam inserts to store all parts, which makes it easy to identify missing components and prevents breakage.

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Experiments and Topics
_ Over 750 Experiments with the Ultimate Snap Circuit SC-70 including     73 computer interface experiments!
- Determine what is the best material for a magnet.
- What makes the best electronic magnet?
- Experiment and discover what is the best light source that will produce
   the most electricity from a solar cell.
- What is the best way to increase the current from a solar cell?
- Which is the best application for a vibration switch?
- Test to see what is the best determinant of data accuracy when a
   computer measures an electrical signal.
- Plus all the experiments in the SC-100R, SC300R and SC-500R

The kit includes all the parts you need.

The manual is in full color and shows you every single experiment and the wireless breadboard. I am impressed by the clarity of the writing and the easy directions.

The Snap Circuit SC-300S includes the components from the SC-100R
The Snap Circuits SC-500S includes the components from the SC-100R
  and SC-300S
The SC-750R includes the components from the SC-100R, SC-300S and   SC-500S plus the Computer Interface.

You save a significant amount of money by purchasing the highest number model that you can afford.


I have received the kits from SC-750 Snap Circuits evening. I was quite impressed with the Snap Kit and could not understand why such equipments are not available in India. The course material has been also very well designed and the ease the student could learn would be astonishing.

Kudos to the engineers who have designed the kit. I plan to buy a kit for my children so that I can teach them at home.

Thank you for presenting such a wonderful kit at your site.

Virinchi K V N
RAIPUR - Chattisgarh State

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