10th Grade Microbiology Science Fair Projects

Surface & Water Microbes Science Fair Projects | Surface & Water Microbiology Experimenter Kit

10th grade microbiology science fair projects can range from very basic molecular biology science experiments to extremely advanced biochemistry experiments.

While many people think that in order to win a science fair they need the most complex project at the fair, this is not the case.

Simpler projects that are well executed are going to do much better than more advanced projects that are not well executed.

Because of this, you will want to select a science experiment topic that you can execute effectively.

Your garden is the first place you can look to for 10th grade microbiology science fair projects ideas. Your garden contains billions of microorganisms that you can experiment with. Some of the experiments that you can perform include: soil experiments, compost pile experiments and plant interactions with garden microorganisms.

Another great source for 10th grade microbiology science fair projects is your classroom. Microbes, including germs, viruses and bacterium, are plentiful year round in schools. However, there is an explosion of these organisms during the cold and flu season. If you want to develop a really interesting science experiment, then consider collecting microorganisms from your classmates. You can compare the microorganisms contained in the spit of healthy students and students with a cold. If you select this type of science experiment, make sure you take proper precautions to prevent the spread of the germs you collect.

If you like bathroom humor, then consider developing bathroom themed science experiments. These experiments can explore where the highest concentrations of microbiology organisms are found, how many different types of microbes are found in the average school bathroom and how effective the school’s disinfectants are at killing the germs in the bathroom. Again, make sure you use the proper safety equipment when collecting samples and working with the samples under the microscope.

The final source of microbiology experiments for 10th graders is water. Experiments can be conducted that examine the number of microorganisms contained in drinking water, in hose water, in pond water and in puddle water. You can also develop an experiment that focuses on growing germs and microorganisms in water. For example, you can modify the amount of light the water source gets, the amount of movement the water is exposed to and the salinity of the water.

If you want to learn more about microbiology, look at the FDA site.

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