1st grade science experiments and ideas…

Five 1st Grade Science Experiments and Ideas

Do you need a list for 1st grade science experiments and ideas? If you do then you are in luck. Below you will find five different lists of 1st grade science experiments that you can do at home or in class. The lists of the best kids’ science fair projects are organized by topic and include projects in the fields of zoology, sports, psychology, energy and botany.

Young Scientist Club Kit Set are readily available, come with all the supplies that you need for your project, and in the end, saves you time and money. A Young Scientists Club science kit set is the best I have seen for your young scientist because it allows the children to use their imagination and create their own experiments.

For a place to begin for your young scientist is to make a list for science projects for 1st grade students with zoology. Before you begin, check with the school to see if they allow the category of zoology because some schools don’t.

Since kids love animals this is the perfect place to start when looking for project ideas. If you have pets or live on a farm this category of science will be easy. Some of the experiments that you can conduct include: comparing which animal drinks more cats or dogs, determining what type of microscopic animal reproduces the most and experimenting with what flavor cats like better fish or beef.
Another category found on a list for 1st grade science experiments is sports. Again this is a popular topic for kids, and these experiments will help 1st graders work off some of their energy. Some of the experiments that you can conduct that involve sports include: experimenting to determine if boys or girls can kick a ball farther, experimenting to determine what is the best stance to hit a baseball or determine which sports ball has the most bounce.

The third category for 1st grade science experiments will look at psychology topics. For example, first graders can test the hypothesis that kids are motivated by candy. They can also test the psychology hypothesis that girls and boys have the same memory skills in the first grade. These experiments will be very basic, but they will provide the students with a lot of insight into the psychology of first graders.

If you are interested in alternative energy projects, then are several grade science experiments that you can work with. You can build a windmill then you can design an experiment to test what you have learned. For example, you can create a hypothesis that the size of a windmill’s blade will impact the amount of energy it will be able to produce.

How about doing solar energy science projects for kids? With the help of a parent you can build a solar oven. Which bakes cookies faster, a solar oven or a electric or gas oven? Which oven is more efficient when it comes to using natural resources

What freezes faster… cold water, lukewarm water or hot water? What does this have to do with alternative energy? You save on electricity when you use the kind of water that freezes the fastest.

Botany is probably the best category of projects that you can work with if you are a first grader. These experiments will examine basic botany concepts like germination (growth by a seed) and cell structure. Some of the experiments that you can conduct include determining if temperature, light or soil composition impacts how long it will take a seed to germinate. You can advance this experiment by also comparing the germination rates for various types of seeds.

Here is an easy physics project: Which brand battery lasts the longest?

Remember, with science fair projects it is important to compare one variable. For instance, Have the same seed from the same package in the same soil and water it the same amount of water at the same time. Put several pots of soil and seeds in one sunny place and several pots of soil and seeds in a dark closet or room. The variable is the amount of light or dark the seeds receive. Find the best kids’ science fair projects here!

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  1. lynne@shower light says:

    Solar energy science projects is a brilliant idea. We need to encourage our kids as much as possible in this field, and this would be a great, fun way and would really hold their attention.

  2. stacie@shower lighting says:

    Space is always a good way to go, the different sizes and colours of the planets keeps kids entertained and they learn at the same time. If not, something to do with food can usually get their attention!

  3. Light Microscopes says:

    Interesting indeed. I remember those days. Al the experiments we used to do. And now when I see the kids do it brings back so much fun memories.

  4. Kate@Bamboo Curtains says:

    The “Which brand battery lasts the longest?” experiment is one of the better ideas for kids this age. My suggestion to parents would be to buy half a dozen of the same flashlight and leave them all on to determine which brand of battery lasts the longest.

  5. SEO2Go Writing Services says:

    1st graders looking for science fair project ideas can look at their own learning experiences. For example, they can explore the similarities between the alphabets of the world or the similarities between how people learn new skills as children.

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