Finding Inspiration For Next Year’s Science Projects

Today is the last day of the year and nearly the last day of Winter Break. If you are a teacher, today and tomorrow are a great time to think about what sources you can use in the coming year as an inspiration for your in class experiments and demonstrations as well as for your students experiments and science fair projects.

This year has produced some amazing discoveries. Scientists have looked to nature for design inspirations, such as in the Venus fly trap experiment, as well as to space for imaging technology inspirations and resources. Because you are a scientists as well as a teacher you need to be just as innovative and resourceful if you want to prepare your students for their futures.

There are a lot of resources that you can turn to for inspiration for in-class experiments. There are websites, books, plants, animals and traditional tools. You can also find a lot of great sources of science project inspiration by reading headlines.

A great project you can implement in the New Year is a science headline journaling project. Have your students write in their science journals each week about a science headline. Then discuss a few of these headlines in class. These journal entries can be used to supplement materials being covered in class, or they can be used to inspire science fair projects or classroom projects.

Science fair project ideas can come from a variety of sources including science magazines, past energy science fair projects and they can also be inspired by nature’s designs.