3D Periodic Table | Natural Arrangement of the Elements

With the 3D Periodic Table you can see the arrangement of the elements as they occur in nature.
Teaching the elements in a 3D visual format will bring another dimension to your student’s learning experience.

James Elkins, author of How to Use Your Eyes, states that the standard periodic table "..serves many purposes well, but is also full of drawbacks. ...there is a big gap at the top, as if a chunk had been taken out of it. And at the bottom there are two extra strips of elements that could not be fitted onto the table." Roy Alexander, the designer of the Desktopper, also states that there is a complete displacement of 28 elements - the Rare Earths - as seen at the bottom of the image on the left. Spiral designs allow for contiguous and continuous arrangement of the elements, healing the incorrect and confusing gaps between blocks and joining the end of one period to the beginning of the next.