Ten 4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

Look at ten 4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas submitted by Jordan to the Summer Science Fair Contest.

Age 9
Colorado, USA
Science Fair Project Ideas –
1st Prize Winner of the Summer Science Fair Contest

  1. Project #1
    Ideas – Biology – Life Sciences – Anatomy Science Fair Projects – Human’s Internal Clocks

    Question – Do our bodies have internal clocks that tell us when it is night (time to sleep) and day (time to be awake)?

    Hypothesis – I don’t believe our bodies have internal clocks that know when it is night or day.

    Materials – Underground or completely dark room
    – 20 People that would stay in the room for a month
    – record of sleep schedule for each person each day

  2. Project #2
    Topics – Biology – Life Sciences – Human Anatomy Science Fair Projects

    Question – Can you get sunburn on a cloudy day?

    Hypothesis – I don’t believe you can get sunburn on a cloudy day.

    Materials – Color-changing UV Beads
    – A cloudy day

    You could also test sunscreen SPFs or sunglasses or if you can get a sunburn from fluorescent light, or what time of day the sun’s UV rays are most intense.

  3. Project #3
    Ideas – Chemistry – Food Science – Nutrition Science Fair Projects

    Question –Are prepackaged lunches (like Lunchables) less nutritious than “Mom Made” lunches?

    Hypothesis – I don’t believe prepackaged meals are less nutritious than “Mom Made” lunches.

    Materials – 5 -10 different brands of prepackaged lunches with their ingredient breakdown.
    – A “Mom Made” lunch.

  4. Project #4
    Topics – Biology – Human Psychology Science Fair Projects – Law

    Question – Does an eyewitness’ testimony change over time?

    Hypothesis – I believe an eyewitness’ testimony would change over time.

    Materials – Make a video of a pretend crime
    – A list of questions about the “crime”
    – 10 people to watch the video and answer the questions at different times

  5. Project #5
    Ideas – Earth Science – Trees – Forest Fires

    Question – What kind of tree is the most flammable? So what kind of tree would you want to plant around your house if you live in an area with forest fires?

    Hypothesis – I believe trees with thinner bark will burn faster.

    Materials – 10 samples of tree bark from thick and thin barked trees.
    – Can of sterno and a stopwatch

  6. Project #6
    Topics – Biology – Zoology – Ants Behavior Science Fair Projects

    Question – Can ants find their way back home if they are picked up and put a certain distance from their anthill?

    Hypothesis – I don’t believe ants can find their way back home if they are picked up and put more than 15’ from their anthill.

    Materials – an anthill
    – Measuring tape

  7. Project #7
    Ideas – Earth Science – Weather Science Fair Projects – Meteorologist

    Question – How many days into the future is a weather forecast accurate (3 days, 5 days, 10 days or some sources offer a 12 day extended forecast) and which source offers the most accurate predictions?

    Hypothesis – I believe that weather forecasts are most accurate for the first day and the accuracy deteriorates after that and the Internet will have the most accurate predictions.

    Materials – 10 different sources for weather forecasts including Internet, newspaper and local news.
    a chart to keep track of the predictions and the actual weather for 3 weeks

  8. Project #8
    Topics – Biology – Botany – Cigarette Smoke

    Question – Does cigarette smoke effect plant growth?

    Hypothesis – I think plants exposed to cigarette smoke will not grow at well as plants that have clean air.

    Materials – plants
    – boxes or containers to hold the plants
    – cigarettes

  9. Project #9
    Ideas – Biology – Human Anatomy – Teeth Brushing Science Fair Projects

    Question –Are your teeth cleaner if you brush them for 2 minute instead of 1 minute?

    Hypothesis – I believe your teeth will be just as clean if you brush them for 1 minute.

    Materials – your teeth, toothpaste, a swab and something to measure the bacteria found on the swab, and a timer.

  10. Project #10
    Topics – Biology – Zoology – Fish Behavior Science Fair Projects

    Question – Is a fish happier in a bowl with water plants or in a bowl with just water.

    Hypothesis – I believe a fish is happier in a bowl with water plants.

    Materials – two fishbowls, 2 goldfish, water plants, water

Bonus Idea. Watch the video…

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