5 Reasons to Switch to Energy Saving Light Bulbs

5 Reasons to Switch to Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Have you seen those funny-looking, twisted light bulbs on the shelf next to your ordinary Edison bulb? Ever wondered what they are, and why they look so “different?” Those bulbs are called compact fluorescent light bulbs – or CFLs, for short. Also known as energy efficient, or energy saving, light bulbs, these small wonders are touted as the earth’s premier saving grace. How can a light bulb save the world? And what can you do to participate in this revolution? Here are five reasons to switch to energy saving light bulbs:

Cost. Perhaps the best way to appeal to your need to switch to CFLs is to appeal to your pocket book. Let’s put it this way: one energy efficient light bulb equals up to eight standard light bulbs. That equals a savings of around thirty dollars per each energy saving light bulb you twist into a light socket. You can’t argue with the numbers. So, CFLs must cost a fortune, right? Wrong. They cost not much more than those wallet-draining bulbs you are used to using.

Energy savings. We hear it all the time: we are facing an energy crisis, and we must learn to conserve. Energy saving light bulbs do just what the name suggests: they save energy by using seventy to eighty percent less energy than standard light bulbs and by discharging seventy percent less heat (which also reduces your energy bill).

Longer lasting. Do you get tired of getting out the step stool to replace those hard-to-reach bulbs? Then you’ll be pleased to know that energy efficient bulbs last ten times longer.

Greenhouse gases. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to agree that taking care of the environment is a good thing. Energy saving light bulbs go a long way in lowering our carbon footprint. For example, if each and every American household swapped out just one bulb, that would be like taking almost a million and a half cars off the road, or like saving enough energy to completely shut down two coal-burning power plants

Quality. You might think that switching to this new bulb means compromising on quality. But the fact of the matter is: CFLs produce strong, bright, and clean light, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Given all of these awesome advantages, why haven’t these new, energy efficient light bulbs caught on? Why isn’t everyone using them? Well, history (and statistics) show that society as a whole is slow to accept change, in general, especially when knowledge about such change is not quite widespread. You can play your part in changing the world for the better by purchasing CFLs for yourself, and by spreading the word.

strong>About the Author: Solomon Bonaguidi loves doing what he can to conserve energy and help the environment. He enjoys looking for green products and hopes to see more stores offering them at affordable prices very soon.

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