6th Grade Chemistry Science Fair Projects

6th Grade Chemistry Science Fair Projects

The first type of 6th grade Chemistry science fair projects that you can work with is pH level projects.

In order to complete your pH level chemistry projects, you will need some sort of indicator, such as a litmus paper.

A couple of the pH level science projects you can complete include: testing the pH level of various liquids that you consume each day or experiment with the accuracy of various types of indicators.

The second group of 6th grade chemistry science fair projects that you explore is surface tension projects. Surface tension projects can be a lot of fun. For example, you can test various types of liquids to see which one has the highest surface tension or you can complete the “Sinkin’ Lincoln” lab project which tests to see how many drops of water a penny can hold.

Chemical reactions can also be used as an inspiration for your 6th grade science project. You can find chemical reactions all around you. When you develop your science project you can explore how baking changes the chemical makeup of the ingredients, you can see what chemical reactions occur when you mix various kitchen ingredients together or you can explore how fire creates chemical changes in matter.

If you are looking for an extra fun science fair project, then consider developing a smelly project. Smell experiments can examine: how fast gases dissipate in a room, how chemical reactions create smells or what types of odor molecules are present in smells that are perceived as good and in smells that are perceived as bad.

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