6th grade last minute summer science fair projects…

6th grade last minute summer science fair projects...

Summer vacation is about half way over for most of the kids in the United States. However, there are some schools in the country that have a year round school program. If you happen to be in summer school or in a year round program and your time is during the summer then chances are you have science fair projects coming due soon. Here are a few ideas that will help you to pull together a project at zero hour.

The first tip is to use what you have around you as your test materials. Your family, your friends, your house, your neighborhood and even your pets. All of these things can be used for your experiments. However, you need to make sure that if you are using living things as your test subjects that you do not harm them during your experimentation.

Tip number two is to make observations about your world to get ideas for your project. Grab a notebook and just jot down questions that you think of as your day progresses. For example, you may wonder why bread rises when it bakes or why bread dough and baked bread have different physical properties when they are made up of the same ingredients.

Tip three is to select one of your questions as the focus for your projects. Next use your computer to conduct quick background research on your questions to see if you can find the answer. Once you have the answer then you will know what variables interact in your question. Now you can turn this answer into a hypothesis by manipulating the independent variable. For example, if your topic was about the transition from bread dough to baked bread then your independent variable could be the amount of heat that it takes to make the transition from dough to bread or how the measurements of the ingredients impact the resulting baked bread. Once you have the variable isolated you can set to develop your experiment.

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