8th Grade Science Fair Projects on Health and Chemistry

8th Grade Chemistry and Health Science Fair Projects

Finding 8th grade science fair projects on health and chemistry can be quite a challenge. However, if you keep your eyes open you will quickly see that project ideas are all around you.

While not all the ideas you come up with will be winners, you will be surprised at how many great ideas you can identify by thinking outside the box.

The first way to come up with ideas for 8th grade science fair projects on health and chemistry is to look around the lunch room. Food chemistry is a very interesting subject that can lead to hundreds of different chemistry projects. For example, science experiment ideas that relate to this topic include: experimenting with how people perceive high fat foods and their low fat counter parts, and how various sports drinks impact people’s heart rate before, during and after exercise.

If you are more interested in medicine health science fair projects, then consider looking at project ideas related to the topic of enzyme chemistry. Enzymes are found in foods and in your body. Having too few enzymes makes it difficult for you to digest your food, while having too high a concentration of enzymes can lead to health problems. Projects you can develop from this topic include: seeing how adding various enzymes to proteins impacts the cellular structure of the protein and seeing how enzyme supplements aids digestion.

Allergies is another science experiment topic that you can work with. Projects that cover this topic can focus on: mold allergies, food allergies and food additive allergies.

The final topic that relates to health and chemistry is medical experiments. Medical experiments can cover a lot of different sub-topics including blood pressure, heart rate, bacteria, sports performance and body mechanics. Some of the experiments that you can perform include: determining if cats or dogs have more bacteria in their mouths, determine how various types of music impact peoples’ heart rates and exploring how stress raises or lowers blood pressure.

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