Acids and Bases Science Fair Project

2nd Grade Acids and Bases Science Fair Project

8 year old Garrett home school Acids and Bases science fair project helped him to learn what liquids were acids, bases or neutral liquids.

I studied chemistry this year. I used the book Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry by Dr. R. W. Keller. I also did lots of labs, but we only studied a few acids and bases like vinegar and baking soda water and I wanted to find more liquids and find out if they were acids, bases, or neutrals.

I can tell if a liquid is an acid or a base or a neutral by using red cabbage juice as an indicator.

If the liquid turns green, then it is a base.
If the liquid turns pink, then it is an acid.
If the liquid stays purple, it is neutral.

So, my mom and I made a cabbage juice indicator by boiling the cabbage. I found 21 liquids around the house. I put cabbage juice in the liquid to see what color they tuned.

I found lots of cleaning products were bases and things like vinegar and lemon juice were acids. I found lots of neutrals.

I learned that acids turn pink when they are mixed with a cabbage juice indicator. Bases turn the cabbage juice indicator green or blue. But if the liquid turns yellow, it has a high pH which tells me it is a very strong base. Cabbage juice indicator stays purple if a liquid is neutral.

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