Winning Alternative Energy Science Fair Projects: The Rewards Are Getting Bigger

Teacher's Alternative Energy Training Conference

Right now the hottest trend in high school science fairs is alternative energy projects. Sponsors of high school science fairs are offering special prizes and incentives to students to focus on alternative energy subjects and to really be innovative. Because of the quality of prizes offered by sponsors for superior alternative energy science fair projects, the demand for alternative wind energy plans for high school science fair projects is skyrocketing.

As I researched alternative wind energy plans for high school science fair projects I noticed that many provided basically the same schematics. The similarity between schematics is an issue that science teachers and students need to think about when planning their science fair project. If you simply use a schematic, or wind power plan, that you buy or download from the Internet, then chances are your project is not going to fair as well as it would if you modify the plan and make it your own.

Science fair judges are looking for originality and innovation. Don’t be afraid to take chances, to try something new or to think outside of the box. These risky moves are going to be what will make you stand out from the other entries.

What I like to do is to first think about the conventional way to solve the problem. In this case it would be to look at the generic plans found online. After I understand the basic mechanics of what works, I like to them ask myself, “how else can the problem be solved?” This question and mindset is going to help you find unique solutions that may, or may not, be more effective or energy efficient than the generic solution. Now I am not trying to downplay the importance of the generic solution. This can be used as your baseline, or experiment control. You can them evaluate your plan’s results based on how it compares to the results obtained by the control.

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10 thoughts on “Winning Alternative Energy Science Fair Projects: The Rewards Are Getting Bigger

  1. Rom@1800PetMeds Blog says:

    Hope they find a good alternative that is cheap and eco-friendly. Sometimes the problem is that the government itself hinders good inventions as they would lose huge taxes if they support the cheap alternatives.

  2. CW@Alternative Energy Guides says:

    I know it’s not as exciting as designing solar or wind energy systems but increasing efficiency in an energy system can make the project more cost effective. Consider making your home more energy efficient before comtemplating installing an alternative energy system. It’s estimated that for every 1 dollar spent on improving your home’s energy efficiency, you can reduce the cost of an alternative enegy system by 3-5 dollars. It’s a good way to save money and energy.

  3. Karen@Intervention says:

    I wonder when we will be able to experience cheap and clean energy sources. Frankly the rates today of electricity and oil is very high. This is something the government really needs to look into in my opinion.

  4. joe@battery bank says:

    everything starts with us. the government can only initiate and market up to a certain extent. But in the end it’s all us.

  5. Zac@Air X Wind Generator says:

    Very good point about these science fair projects all having the same blueprints. All it takes is a slightly new angle on an existing solution or to merge different solutions in a novel way and that originality can be found.

  6. monika@chris hobar says:

    these are bleak times for our country for sure. Hopefully our leadership will address the problems at hand and help set our country back on track to being someone the rest of the world can look up to and follow.

  7. Randy @ Commercial Solar Power says:

    This is exciting to see. The more kids that are learning about alternative energy in events like these, the more likely it is that we’ll switch to a greener infrastructure.

  8. Nelson@smart energy says:

    is nice to see that our kids are getting engaged in real matters that affect us and our planet everyday as renewable energy sources surely is. but like you said, we need to think outside ourselves, most people just think about wind turbines, solar panels, etc. but there must be other sources of energy. in fact as Einstein E=MC2 equation proves, everything in our universe is just energy, of course in many states, but how come we have such hard time finding energy that’s all there is in our universe?

  9. Ohne Schufa says:

    “After I understand the basic mechanics of what works, I like to ask myself, “how else can the problem be solved?” ” This way of thinking is what most people still do not have. It is a long way to change some habits. Kids like to learn and it is a good choice to involve them. I appreciate very much these “Alternative Energy Science Fair Projects”.

  10. homemade magnet generator says:

    Seems like such a basic idea for renewable energy but it takes a group of people to discuss the particulars, thanks, great read, ive added a bookmark for your blog.

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