Antacid Neutralization Science Fair Project

Antacid Science Fair Project Display Board

I. Purpose
The purpose of the antacid neutralization science fair project is to determine which antacid works best at neutralizing hydrochloric acid (HCI), which is found in the stomach.

STUDENT: Michael
AWARD: Gold Medal, 1st place award ($500 savings bond) from Chicago Drug and Chemical Association.

II. Procedure
Five brands of antacid were mixed with 0.05 M HCI, 0.10 HCI, and 0.15 M HCI. Then the pH of the resulting solutions was tested with a pH meter and pH paper. The solution with a pH closest to neutral pH of 7.0 is the most effective antacid.

III. Observations/Data/Results
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IV. Conclusion
In conclusion, Mylanta antacid (extra strength) had a pH closest to 7.) When reacted with the 0.05 M HCI concentration for Trial 1 and Rolaids (extra strength) had a pH closest to 7.0 for Trial 2.

Rolaids antacid had a pH closest to 7.0 when reacted with the 0.10 M HCI concentration for both Trials 1 and 2. Mylanta antacid had a pH closes to 7.0 when reacted with the 0.15 M HCI concentration for both Trials 1 and 2. Both of these antacids are effective at neutralizing stomach acid. Regular strength antacids were also tested by reacting with 0.10 M HCI, and Mylanta and Rolaids were found to be the most effective at neutralizing the acid.

Antacid Science Fair Project Abstract Questionnaire

Each student was asked to respond to the following questions and this is what Michael wrote for his antacid science fair projects questionnaire….

What did you enjoy most about doing your project?
I like going to a college laboratory to use the chemicals and pH meter. I also liked using the mortar and pestle to crush up the antacid tablets and mix them with the acid.

What would you do differently next time?
I would make all the pH labels for each graph end at the same number, instead of ending at the highest pH that was obtained for each graph. I would also make a chart comparing the cost of each product with its effectiveness. I would do more trials with the 0.10 M HCI, since the antacids neutralized this concentration the best.

Did your parent’s help you?
My mom helped me with the paper and my graphs, and my dad helped me with my titration graph.

Did you have a mentor for your project?
I did not have a mentor, but my mom is a chemistry teacher at a community college.

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