Are you a Complainer? How to Create a Complaint Free World

Are you a Complainer? How to Create a Complaint Free World

Someone sent me this sight because they probably thought that I needed to read on How to Create a Complaint Free World.

It’s published by a church in the Midwest and the idea is to not complain for 21 days. They also have purple bracelets that you wear and every time you complain, you switch the bracelet to the other wrist until you reach your goal.

We have an epidemic of whining and complaining in our culture. There are so many folks who refuse to take responsibility for themselves, and instead they blame the world and everyone in it for their troubles. Complaining makes us a member of that sorry fraternity.

I think of myself as a very positive person, but this was surprisingly difficult. I discovered that I complain to those around me who I trust and love. Now why would I ever put that on them!

Also in a class I am taking, one suggestion the instructor had was to not defend yourself for a week. I have been working on that and it is amazing how many people in my life have expected me to justify my decisions and what roll I have played in having to defend myself. This has been a very freeing experience.

I am sitting here smiling because I realize that the less I complain and justify myself to others the more time I have to accomplish my goals or just have fun! Since this is a science fair site….hmmm… I wonder …maybe you won’t have to enter crunch time to get your project done!

Let’s hear from you and how complaining or justifying yourself to others has made a difference in your life? Madeline

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  2. Rom@1800PetMeds Blog says:

    I am guilty of always complaining whenever I am in an uneasy situation. I guess it is human nature to complain. This is one trait that I am ashamed of… really.

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