Astronomy Science Fair Project Ideas

Astronomy Science Fair Project Ideas

If you are interested in the stars, planets or outer space, then explore astronomy science fair project ideas.

The first thing that you can do to make your science fair project experience less intimidating is to focus on a topic that is interesting to you. For example, if you enjoy star gazing or science fiction related to space travel, then consider focusing on astronomy. This field of science has a lot to offer students working on science fair projects.

When you are faced with your very first science fair project or your fifth science fair project assignment your reaction most likely will be the same…Yikes! However, a science fair contest doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming.

Within the subject of astronomy are volumes of possible science fair project topics. You can look at stars, galaxies, gravity, black holes, worm holes, super novas, the Big Bang Theory and even the speed of light. Each of these topics have dozens of possible sub topics and topic options. The National Science Foundation has a list of possible research topics, which is an excellent springboard for generating astronomy science fair project ideas.

Once you have a topic that looks interesting you need to find a unique angle or approach to that topic that will allow you to create a science fair project. This focusing of your topic step by step is the best approach.

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  1. Dad@Activities for kids says:

    I think the best tip is to find a subject that you like. For example if you intersting on materials explore the moon surface, and if you intersting on transportation explore space vehicle, etc.

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