Biochemistry Questions related to Science Fair Projects

Biochemistry questions related to science fair projects

Focusing on biochemistry questions related to science fair projects that you may not know the answer to is a great place to write your Big Question. Designing a science project around biochemical concepts makes your project stand out from the others. Biochemistry is an advanced subject that few students want to tackle. However, if you are ready for a challenge then this is a good topic to work with when developing a project.

The first thing that you need to understand about biochemistry is that it is not as difficult for elementary and high school students to work with as you might first think. There are many levels of study in this field. Some concepts are basic and can be manipulated by students, while others are more advanced and require a higher understanding of chemistry and biology.

When selecting a Biochemistry Questions related to Science Fair Projects you will want to focus on concepts that are accessible for you. A good way to do this is to simply ask questions about life that you are curious about. For example, you may want to know the difference between blood types. As you learn more about the blood types you will come up with questions that relate to how biochemistry impacts blood types or visa versa.

From your question you will need to derive a prediction. This prediction will state how one variable will affect another. For example, you may state that a person’s blood type will impact their susceptibility to sickle cell anemia. While this hypothesis may sound too difficult to address in a student’s science fair project it really is not.

Students can simply use existing data to support their position by determining what blood types are most common among people with sickle cell anemia. Students can also set up their own studies by taking blood samples from people with this disease and typing them for their project.

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