Biology Lab Tips for Enzymes

Biology Tips to Update Your Lab
  1. Obtain catalase from Sigma. May be stored for years in freezer.
  2. Use bakers yeast culture as catalase source.
  3. Use liver as catalase source.
  4. KMnO4 stains may be cleaned up using H2O2.
  5. Use syringes to save time (and money) in volume measurements.
  6. Do a thorough cleaning of your lab freezers or refrigerators. Dispose of items that are unneeded or unwanted, abandoned or orphaned, unlabeled, unknown, or unidentifiable, expired.
  7. Then, organize and inventory what’s left: Clearly label items that you want to keep. Keep an inventory, and update it on a regular schedule. A simple spreadsheet is great for this. Create a routine for cleaning your freezers, refrigerators, and cryogenic storage.

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