Biology Prepared Slide Mini Set (set of 16 slides)

Biology Prepared Slide Mini Set (set of 16 slides)

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Glass Slides Professionally Stained, Mounted and Individually Labeled


16 Piece Biology Prepared Slide Set

Blood and Guts

Package Includes Biology Set, Blood & Guts Set PLUS 1 More Set of Your Choice

Biology Slide Set
The 16 piece set of basic biology specimens complements most popular school and homeschool biology curriculum.

1. Amoeba proteus

2. Ascaris mitosis

3. Diatoms

4. Euglena

5. Grantia spicules

6. Hydra, budding

7. Leaf with vein C.S.

8. Onion (allium) root tip

9. Paramecium w.m.

10. Planaria w.m.

11. Ranunculus root C.S.

12. Ranucunlus stem C.S.

13. Spirogrya

14. Volvox

15. Zea mays (corn) root C.S.

16. Zea mays stern C.S.

The "Mini" prepared slide sets listed below are designed to dive a little deeper into a specific group of things that cannot be seen by our eyes. CPSIA approved.

PS51 Blood & Guts
Don't get freaked out when you look at these gross 5 slides to see what the inside of humans looks like. See brain tissue, the heart, blood and more...

Choose 1 slide set from the following 7 sets.
Each set has 5 unique slides.

image of PS52 Creepy Crawlies Prepared Slide Set

PS52 Creepy Crawlies
5 slides designed to give you an up close and personal view of the things that may scare you. Do you dare to find out more about these creepy crawliers?


image of PS53 Extraordinary Ordinary Prepared Slide Set

PS53 Extraordinary Ordinary
5 slides showing common household objects like you have never seen before. What do hair, cork, fibers and other objects look like under a microscope? Amazing!


image of PS54 Incredible Edible Plants Prepared Slide Set

Incredible Edible Plants PS54
5 slides demonstrating the plants that we eat all the time. The set contains a variety of the essential parts of the plants like roots, stems and leaves.


image of PS55 Wicked Wings Prepared Slide Set

PS55 Wicked Wings
5 slides comparing and contrasting the variety of shapes, sizes and beauty of these insect winds. Compare the bees, butterfly, mosquito and more....


image of PS56 Flower Power Prepared Slide Set

PS56 Flower Power
Brush up on your botany knowledge with these 5 slides from various parts of different flowers including the sunflower, buttercup and more....


image of PS57 Lily Pad Prepared Slide Set

PS57 Lily Pad
Skip the dissecting and use these 5 slides to examine differnt frong parts!


image of PS58 Fun Guys Prepared Slide Set


PS58 Fun Guys
5 examples of various fungi that are more commonly found than you might think!

Important Information
9 years old and above

Product WarningWARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Product WarningWARNING: Contains glass and sharp instruments. Adult supervision recommended

Ships to U.S. & Canada only

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