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Young Scientists Club Kit Set (Pkg of 13)

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Biology science fair projects kits will stir your imagaination and give you ideas for your project. Are you interested in determining who committed a crime (forensic medicine), how food effects your heart rate and pulse, the world of DNA or are you more interested in plants or animal behavior?
  1. Is Caffeine an Effective Pesticide Against Drosophila (fruit fly)?
  2. How do different surfaces affect the distance mealworms travel in 2 minutes?
  3. Do twins have identical or similar fingerprints?
  4. Can dogs detect cancerous tissue samples with their nose?
  5. Do human cells have anything in common with the cells of a rose plant leaf?
  6. . Do you have any great ideas that you would like to add? If so email me and we will put it on the list.