Science Fair Questions about Bleach & Molds

Best Ways to Kill Mold

Q: What concentration of bleach is use to kill mold?

A: This site is all about teaching you how to find the answers yourself. So lets begin there: In the google search window input the keywords, “concentration of bleach to kill molds” and whala – tons of answers.

From my search I found out that 10% of bleach to 90% water is the standard answer.

Now what comes to mind is how safe is it to use bleach? Bleach is toxic. And when exposed to molds, molds break the immune system down. Based on this information I would choose another project.

Then, what’s the next step? Do another search. This time I would put it Google Search, natural way to kill mold. The answer comes up at the top of the page in a box.

You will also see another keyword that you can use. I am not going to tell you what it is. When you find it you can substitute the word, natural, for this other word.

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13 thoughts on “Science Fair Questions about Bleach & Molds

  1. sunshine says:

    I am not recommending to do this project because (as stated above) bleach is toxic when you breathe it in. So everyone in your household would be affected.

    I suggest doing another project. There a a lot of science fair project ideas throughout the website. Why don’t you choose from these fun kids science fair projects? Here you will find yukie, gooey, gookey or slimey science fair projects and kits!

  2. Mo says:

    heyy thx for the reply. i am going to do a different science project but my teacher said that it has to be a question that has sumthinn to do wit dpendent variable and independent lol so if u canhelp mee that would be great if u dun mnd me askinn how old r u ?

  3. sunshine says:

    All science fair projects have to do with dependent and independent variables. Go to science project ideas, follow all the steps to do a complete science fair project. This page will lead you to other pages for the 6 steps of the scientific method.

    I will not give you a science fair project, this is your assignment.


    PS: When you are writing in the blog, I would appreciate you using correct spelling.

  4. sunshine says:

    The reason we ask you to write with proper grammar and spelling is that this is an educational site that’s viewed all over the world and not everyone can understand what you wrote. And on top of that we have very high standards. So thanks for asking.

    Now are all your questions answered?.

  5. mark@la pavoni stradavari says:

    I think that the 10% bleach solution is something that is used in most clinical environments to disinfect, is that right?

  6. amy@mold removal says:

    I like to use rubbing alcohol to kill mold myself. I find i have better results and it dries out the mold not like bleach and water can spread it sometimes.

  7. Diane@ Castle Rock House Cleaning says:

    I would choose another project as well. I use nothing but green cleaning products in my line of work so I try to stay away from bleach at all times. Thanks for the great information.

  8. manny@home mold removal says:

    I prefer other projects as well. 10% bleach seem not enough to kill all the molds and assure that they won’t come back.

  9. Mia@Dyslexia Tools says:

    Sunshine is correct, when writing in blogs always use the correct spelling and do not practice text speak.

    Why not formulate a science project from what held you back from using the bleach? Try to find another formulation that is not harmful to one’s health, and yet, can still kill molds. Your project will be more meaningful this way.

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