Beat winter boredom by building interactive robots…

Coding Interactive Robots

This year instead of letting your kids spend hours in front of the television or telling you how bored they are, give them the opportunity to create, experiment and to develop their science skills by learning how to code interactive robots. One of the best ways to do this is with the looking at various new robotics and decide which one you would like to code. Most robotic kits are geared for 10 year olds and up.

Working with a robotics kit is challenging. When you first get your robot you will want to read through all of the instructions. This will give you an idea about what you can do with the kit. Next build each of the robot. This will teach you how to connect the parts and how to program the robot that you build. Finally you can design, program and operate a robot of your very own. Then comes the fun a having interactive robots!

17 thoughts on “Beat winter boredom by building interactive robots…

  1. Kate@Black Chandelier says:

    I bought this kit for my nephew’s birthday and he absolutely loves tinkering with it. I would highly recommend it as a Christmas gift for the science whiz in your life.

  2. Dotti says:

    The Tobbie II is a great educational to toy and can be programmed to do different functions. I would recommend buying a container for all of the pieces, I actually got a tackle box for them.

  3. Super Science Fair Projects says:

    It cannot be stressed how absolutely impressive Tobbie II is as an educational tool and motivator. Smart, curious and bright kids can finally move beyond the basic they outgrew so many years earlier, and move onto something more challenging, and more demanding of their skills.

  4. self catering cottages` says:

    This certainly sounds like a whole lot of fun to use. I can’t help but agree with thomson on the fact that this would be just as fun for adults as it would for kids. Could be great in the workplace. Everyone having their own robot and battling them in some way!

    The programming side of it just sounds head and shoulders above what i had to play with when i was a kid.

    Great post, i’ll have to read up a bit more about these before i get one.

  5. Tony@Used Heavy Equipment says:

    Science is a rudimentary way of explaining our environment; externally and internally. Developing science skills purpose is to develop observatory and deductive reasoning skills.

    I wish I had access while I was young. Neuro-scientifically robotics/electronics could develop the brain’s spatial awareness, mechanical understanding and sensory motor skills.

    I would like to be bold enough to say that kids as young as elementary school need to be taught with this kit. Our schools are filled with theory and math. Anyone can observe children and say that they are not ready for theory until their mind has been developed.

    To develop the brain during the early stages of childhood necessitates projects that require constructing, deconstructing, art in any form and music. I will certainly invest in one of these robotic kits for my kids as my parents did for me.

  6. thomson gold says:

    Never mind the kids this would be interesting for us adults! And, yes, this would be good for the kids to get them away from the tv and video games.

  7. Varieties of axeminster power tools says:


    Yes, i agree one of the best to exercise the brain of your child is through toys like Tobbie II. This one is great. My nephew has this kit. He have great fun with it.

  8. Brian@Manual Juicer says:

    Wow, you get a lot for the price. The software is easy to operate so I can see how a 10 year old can operate the software. Every kid should be required to build a robot such as this kit.

  9. fullbrimhardhats says:

    The likes of robotic exercises childrens’ minds in a different way to just playing on the computer. Plus it can be fun for all the family. A family that plays together ….. etc

  10. James@PC Repair says:

    This is a great way for parents to share good quality time with their kids. Most of us who work with computers tend to spend insane amount of time online. So, this is not just a construction tool for kids, but for parents to share and play on a one-to-one with the kids.

    Nice post BTW 🙂

  11. Mary says:

    Thank you for your recommendation! I have to say I haven’t thought that these toys can be so great. I think I wouldn’t offend my husband by giving this to him next Xmas:) instead of to our kids. He seems to enjoy it even more than they do!

  12. Jeff @ Kitchen Televisons says:

    Very cool idea, i really like the idea of giving kids something to do that is innovative and outside the run of the mill activities including wasting away in front of the tv.

  13. Custom Silicone Wristbands says:

    it amazes me how fast technology is growing these days. I remember when endeavors like this were in a dream, or actually cartoon like the jetsons. Now a days its almost reality. Simply amazing.

  14. Mike@Private Jet Charters Miami says:

    This is a must get for the little science wiz of the family. it keeps him occupied, entertained and working and stretching his brain in a positive way.

  15. phil@polystyrenesheetformodels says:

    i recently constructed a great model from polystyrene sheet. this is a fantastic product to work with as its very easy and simople to cut and can be painted or stuck together to give a great finished item

  16. Amelia@christmas gifts says:

    It’s winter time indeed and boredom is just the perfect word. An array of interactive robots will definitely take the blues away as it makes great entertainment tools.

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