Holiday Candy Science Fair Projects

Candy Science Fair Project Ideas

Since this is the time of year that candy and candy making ingredients are found in abundance, it is the perfect time of year for candy science fair projects.

The most common candy projects are going to deal with rock candy, which is made from sugar solutions and the crystallization process. These projects can be a lot of fun, and very tasty. To enhance the value of this type of project try doing something different from your peers. For example, create rock candy castles or intricate shapes. Also experiment with adding color to your candy creations.

If you are looking for a science fair project that is above the norm, then try using candy in behavioral science fair projects. For example, you can determine if certain candy’s taste better to people because of their association with a brand name. You can also use candy as the subject, or at least the variable, in health science fair projects. For example, you can determine if candy impacts kids’ ability to focus in the classroom or if it improves their physical performance in sports, like running.

Finally, the candy making process can be examined in chemistry or physics science fair projects. For example, you can examine how the molecular structure in sugar changes as it is heated. You can examine the sugar crystals as they are heated to see how various types of candies are created. You can then compare and contrast the molecular structures of chewy candies, like caramels, to hard candies like Life Savers.

While you are doing experiments with candy, remember to limit your intake. PubMed talks about increase in insulin levels.

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  1. Carousel Gumball Machine says:

    Rock candy is fun to play with and experiment, however there are so many more types of candy one can use now.

  2. las vegas all inclusive packages says:

    British candy maker Cadbury PLC in 2010 accepted and recommended to shareholders Kraft’s improved takeover offer worth $18.9 billion, potentially ending a months-long corporate battle to create the world’s largest maker of chocolate and sweets.

  3. Terry@st louis muay thai says:

    This sounds great! I’m sure a lot of students (especially elementary) would find this a very fun and unforgettable learning experience.

  4. sunshine says:

    John, thank you for the information. yes, doing edible science fair projects is really a great way to have fun with science!

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