Cars Run on Water Science Fair Project

Cars Run on Water Science Fair Project

14 years

Purpose of Project / Experiment

As in today’s world pollution is harming us, the purpose of this project is to run a car that runs without fuel, so if there is no fuel burnt there would be no emission and our precious fossil fuel will also would not be get depleted.


As we are living in an earth we should also take measure to save it, there would be a saying that a car would/can run without fossil fuel in the future, this is demonstrated here that how can car runs without fossil fuel.


As in this project a car is moving without fossil fuel, it is obvious that we are running a car on electric current, let’s know what materials are used –
1- wire- 8 to 10 mm (2 bundles)
2- Converter (dc/ac)
3- Copper Car mechanisms
4- Iron rodx4
5- Wire (to coil around iron rod)
6- Big magnets (4×2)
7- Resistors
8- Auto cut switch


As we all know that sir Michael Faraday discovered the dynamo which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. In this project dynamo or alternator like mechanism is connected to the four wheels as showed in diagram no 1&2.

Above Diagram: an iron rod is attached to the centre point of the rim of car wheels which is coiled with copper wire and there is two big magnets connected to wheels which have opposite poles so when the iron rod which is coiled with wire moves around them it in turns produces electricity.

The great velocity is the production of electric current, the car moves at a great speed with the help of battery.

Diagram: The iron rod which is connected to the centre of rim of four wheels of car is connected to alternator with a pulley so when the car moves with help of battery these mechanism no.1&2 which are connected to wheels would produce electricity and run the motor the motor would run the pulleys the pulleys would move the wheels and the car would run.

Data conclusion

In this project this is concluded that the car would move from electricity and mechanism as connected and this would result in a formation of the fuel – less car.


As I do not know how to write a bibliography but in dictionary is written that (a list of books referred to in a written work) and this idea has come to my mind while thinking. I have taken some knowledge of alternating current and dynamo in the physics book of class 12 , you can get there on site MCERT.NI.IN/p>


As I am thinking about the other projects like make more energy efficient things and other things also.

Here is an inexpensive fun kit that uses water as a fuel.

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