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Nineth grade science fair projects include science discussions that explore introductions to the various fields of scientific study.

The science of 9th grade…

The Science of 9th Grade

9th grade is usually the first year that students are able to explore specific fields of science in detail. They can elect to take Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science. This branching off of science interest allows the student to really explore their areas of interest. However, it also provides them the opportunity to learn […]

Science Fair Project on Foreign Language Learning Abstract

Science Fair Project on Foreign Language Learning

After struggling with learning a second language, Rebecca decided to do a social science fair project on foreign language learning to investigate whether age or gender affects the ability of middle school students to learn a 2nd language. Rebecca Age 14/Grade 9 Maryland, USA Title: Does Age or Gender Affect the Ability to Learn a […]

9th grade science fair projects…

9th Grade Science Fair Projects

9th grade science fair projects need to be more advanced than middle school projects. They will also need to be structured in a more professional manner. While middle school students can get away with not fully completing each step in the scientific method, freshmen in high school will not be so lucky. So my advice […]

How can a wind turbine generate electricity?

How can a windmill generate electricity? The windmill generates electricity through the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is done in a two stage process. The first process is the production of mechanical energy. This energy is produced by harnessing the power of the wind, which is done by having the wind move […]

What are some cool science fair projects?

What are some cool science fair projects? Students are always interested in cool new trends in science, and fortunately so are science fair judges. If you want to improve your chances of winning a science fair then try to focus your project on cool science concepts. You can find these concepts by reading through science […]