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Explore stars gravity orbits vacuums and gallaxies as well as black holes and worm holes for your science fair project.

Enhance your astronomy science fair project with Kepler’s third law…

Kepler's 3rd Law of Planetary Motion

Kepler’s third law is all about the timing of the planets’ orbits. It states, “the ratio between the square of the time needed by a planet to make a revolution around the sun and the cube of its average distance from the sun is the same for all planets.” This law can be expressed in […]

Learn about the second law proposed by Kepler…

Kepler's 2nd Law of Planetary Motion

Kepler introduced multiple theories that related to the movement of the planets. His second law was that “a planet moves so that its radius vector sweeps out equal areas in equal times.” You can use this information to create an astronomy science fair project for a science fair competition.

Exploring the universe with Kepler’s Laws and science fair projects…

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

Students working on astronomy science fair projects can benefit from learning about Kepler’s Laws and the basic theories behind the science of astronomy like Kepler’s first law. This law state is based on the assumption that planetary orbits are ellipses and that the sun provides one of the elliptical foci. Kepler’s 1st Law: The orbits […]

When we see the universe what are we seeing?

When we look at the universe are we seeing the past, present or future?

When we gaze at the night sky do you believe that you are looking at the universe as it exists? Are we seeing that moment in time or are we seeing into the future, or are we seeing time in the past? Actually, many of the photons that you are seeing have traveled for billions […]

Astronomy Science Fair Project Ideas

Astronomy Science Fair Project Ideas

If you are interested in the stars, planets or outer space, then explore astronomy science fair project ideas. The first thing that you can do to make your science fair project experience less intimidating is to focus on a topic that is interesting to you. For example, if you enjoy star gazing or science fiction […]

Properties of Albedo Science Fair Project Abstract

Properties of Albedo Science Fair Project Abstract

Properties of Albedo Science fair Project Abstract question asks: “Do the Properties of Albedo Affect the Surrounding Air? The Albedo Affect on Surrounding Air was presented at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS). CATEGORY: Astronomy STUDENT: Vanessa GRADE LEVEL: 12th CITY/STATE: Benton, IL, USA AWARD: Minority Award – Region 8 Fair, Illinois I. Purpose […]

Two Earth-sized Planets Discovered…

Well it has finally happened. After years of searching space for possible earth-like planets, a couple have been found. The tool used to find these new planets was the Kepler Space Telescope. What this indicates is that earth-like conditions are possible on other planets, however, size alone does not indicate the possibility of life. In […]