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Find out about the chemistry of life which what biochemistry and biochemical projects for kids explores which includes biochemcial reactions elements and catalysts.

Bio-Rusting Science Fair Projects | Biochemistry Science Abstract

Bio-Rusting Science Fair Project Abstract

ABSTRACT CATEGORY:Biochemistry STUDENT: Emily GRADE LEVEL: 10th CITY/STATE: Madison, IL USA AWARDS:1st Place in High School, Outstanding in Illinois Regional, 2nd Place in American Chemical Society I. Purpose The purpose of my bio-rusting science fair projects experiment is to determine the effect of various organic bacteria on the rate of the iron oxidation process. II. […]

How to Choose a Biochemistry Science Fair Project

How to Choose a Biochemistry Science Fair Project

Before choosing a biochemistry science fair project, let’s discuss what biochemistry is all about. Biochemistry science fair projects are all about the chemistry required for life processes. They can look at enzymes, hormones and the chemicals that make up DNA. If you are interested in chemistry and in biology then this is a great subject […]

Is Love Just A Biochemical Reaction?

Is Love a Biochemical Reaction

This debate is nothing new, theories and supporting evidence have existed for many years but as science becomes more and more able to understand realms of the most complex structure known to science, the human brain, this argument becomes less and less debatable. Could the human condition that we call “love” and which creates the […]

Holiday projects for Young Scientists…

Entertaining your kids over the holidays does not have to be a chore. Check out Young Scientists sets for ideas on science experiments and projects you can complete as a family or as individuals. What science concepts are your kids interested in? Chances are there is a Young Scientist kit that will cover it.